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Please explain the procedure for the above surgery. Is the foot in a cast? How long before you can walk with a walking crutch or will I need crutch. What is the time frame from surgery to being able to go to work with or without a cast.


I am 11 days post surgery. I had a bunion on the big toe and the second toe was hammer toe. The big toe has
a screw in it, and the second toe has a pin protruding from the top for another 3 weeks, according to the
doctor's checkup today.

I never had a cast. I had lots of gauze and an ace bandage, plus the corrective boot to walk in. I walked out of
the hospital the day of the surgery. I was told to wear the boot whenever I walk, no matter if it is from the bed
to the bathroom - so the pin won't break. I am at work right now, I have been at my desk for 9 hours, one to go,
and it aches and is annoying, but I will make it. I have done everything that the doctor has ordered. I take the boot
off and put my foot on pillows while in the recliner....and it relieves the ache.

Showering has been the biggest hassle. That will be over in a few days, when all I have to cover is the pin in the second toe,
so we will cut a finger off of a rubber glove to cover it. The stitches were removed this morning, and steri strips took their place.

So far, so good....the first 3 days were the worst, after that, the situation smoothed out somewhat.



hey Debbie
what were the first three days like ????? I am getting surgery for hammer toe
I have a rare condition where its on the big toe and that's for you help lease reply