So my girlfriend of 5 years has come off the pill, we been ok using protection and pulling out, normally cuming in her day after period ends... Her last cycle was 35 days long because she had her period, took pill a few days, then had period again... so the one after this was 35 days apart.

ANYWAY... the important bit.

Her last period started on Sunday 24/02/2013, and lasted until Thursday 28/02/2013.

We went away for the weekend and on friday we had sex as soon as we got there lol... i came in her, then on saturday we had sex and i came in her again, and then on sunday, and i came in her again then.

A week later (08/03/2013) on the friday she was staying at mine, having sex she was on top riding me and i came in her.

Also again a week later (16/03/2013 this last weekend) we had sex on saturday morning and i came in her, and again saturday night cumming in her again.

Due to ovulation cycles etc what are the chances of getting pregnant from this? I'm aware theres a chance a day or so after the period ends but very unlikely (never had problem before).