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Hey what's up, my girlfriend is scared she is pregnant. So last Sunday and the Sunday before that we had sex with a condom and one time I didn't even ejaculate, and the other time I did but it was OUTSIDE of her.....we had a big fight last Friday and then she started getting sick on headaches, stomach hurting, achy all over and its all day everyday until it stopped this tuesday...she is real stressed about alot of stuff like her school cause of her grades, and a lot of other things. She started to get her normal period things like moodyness, face breaking out etc. We had rough sex the second time but I'm pretty sure it didn't break because I would've felt it, also I didn't check the condom if it had any tears and before that I urinated. She is not getting any signs of pregnancy. Her period starts this weekend and I'm kindave worried something is gonna happen. Please help!!!! Don't ignore!!!! Please pregnant or not?


Are you sure that you would felt it? Obviously, you don't have enough experience so I am sure that you really can't either tell was condom broke or not because I can see that both of you got scared and that both of you are in a huge panic. Teen pregnancy is something that happens because two young people don't have a clue what are all those possibilities to get pregnant. To be totally honest with you, I believe that stomach hurting happened to her because of the rough sex, not because she is pregnant. Headaches happened after stomach pain, I am sure. Maybe you should ask someone who is older about this? Maybe your/hers brother or sister? But if you already have intercourse, you really should consider about visiting the gynecologist.