Ok so me and my gf had sex on Sunday 2 weeks before her period. I used trojan ecstasy condoms. They did not break, tear or anything and I didn't even ejaculate then. Well me and my gf had a fight on Friday (a big fight) and then on Saturday she started to feel achy all over. Then on Sunday we had sex again. The condom did not break and I ejaculated outside of her (and I did her very hard this time). It is Tuesday and she is still feeling sick. I was scared about her being pregnant and I think that made her scared. Her period comes this weekend and we do not want kids. She's not on any BC except for condoms and pulling out. Is their any chance she is pregnant? No pre-cum got in her the condom was on . Even if it did I peed before having sex each time. I also pinched the top of the condom and rolled it down. PLEASE HELP