I'm worried I might be pregnant.
A [very] recent ex and I have been having unprotected sex for about four months.
At the end of my last period on a Friday(12th of Feb), but when we were down I had some last minute bleeding :$ . Even though my period had stopped 2 days prior. I was supposed to start a new pack of pills that Sunday(02.14), but I couldn't get to planned parenthood until Tuesday(2.16).
I ended up not even taking that pill until early evening.
We only saw eachother on the weekends because we go to different colleges, so we end up having sex numerous times a night on Fridays and Saturdays. Well this following weekend was no exception(02.19/20). I also think we had sex that Monday(02.22) morning, because he had spent the night on my birthday, the one night we didn't have sex that weekend.
[sorry, but Star Wars Legos sets trump sex! haha]
Um, the last time we had sex was the 5th of march, a Friday. That following Sunday I had missed another pill because we went to visit his family Saturday night and came back late Sunday morning. I was so tired it completely slipped my mind.
We weren't having sex at all last week, because both of us were planning on breaking u with eachother, so it was kind of tense.

I was supposed to start my period this past Sunday(14th of March) and it always starts on time. I figured it hasn't started yet(Tuesday) because of stress, due to the fact that we broke up Sunday morning and its been killing me.

I also had a little bit of spotting last week, with heavy discharge. And I'm not the best when it comes to taking my pill at the same time everyday.