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hi, i hope someone can help. my girlfriend is convinced that she is pregnant. we are not trying and we used contraception. we are soooo worried.

here the facts... she last came on on the 14th may. we had sex once since on the 26th may. i used a condom, there were no problems, and we were sure there was no other genital contact at all.

since last saturday (3rd june) shes been feeling funny and is really paranoid she is pregnant. her breasts are tender more then usual and have been since then til now. she is feeling very nausieus and feels sick all the time on and off. she is about due on now, but nothing yet. we have been taking tests all last week, done 6 altogether, all say negative. even still, she is still convinced something is up.

ive been on google doing some research as you do, i dont know if its helped or made me more paranoid!!! now i know these tests are pretty accurate up to 4 days before you are due, and i would of thought, after 6 tests 1 of them would of come up positive right???

thing is, she is an emotional wreck, im worried she is getting really stressed and anxious, and this may delay her period, thus making things worse!

now heres the tricky march this year, we found out she was pregnant. came as a shock. again we wernt trying, and emotions all over the place. that time however, we wernt really using contraception apart from the 'pull out' method. she had a miscarriage 1 and a half weeks after we found out she was pregnant. this was all confirmed at the hospital. happened on the 17th march. her next period was on the 18th april, then after the 14th may. she had blood tests after and her hormones went back to normal.

now, when she was pregnant in march, she had all the symptoms going, sickness, dizzyness, breast tenderness, going toilet a lot, cravings, butterflies in stomach. now however, she only has breast tenderness, she describes the pain exactly as last time.

we are hoping she is just coming on, and i am worried she is really getting anxious and stressed out. i think its making her feel 100 times worse and is over-exaggerating.

also, her blood levels went really high last time, so was wondering does that mean if she was pregnant now, her levels would of gone up the same and it would of shown on a test? its been 2 weeks exactly and still negetive.

the facts say she cant be pregnant, but her feelings say otherwise.

any help please?! she is going to the docs on monday, but we need some reassurance, explanation as to why she feels how she does, is it paranoia for both of us?!

please can someone help put a stop to these sleepless nights!

Thanks for your time reading this.


PMS causes THE SAME symptoms as early pregnancy in many women, and yes those early tests should be accurate!

Pull out os not the best method.. Why not get her on the pill?? Or IUD which is hormone free... Planned parnehtood sees women for low cost and free, and they have birth control methods right there for sale at the clinics.


yes i know the symptoms are the same, thats what i keep telling her! its just that she has had 2 periods since the miscarriage, and she feels something may be wrong this time and doesnt think she is coming on. but im putting this down to emotional stress, anxiety and paranoia?

the plan was to go on the pill anyway, and as soon as all this is over, she will be!

thing is after what happened with the miscarriage, we were paranoid having sex anyway and you can imagine how careful we would of been. i cant possibly see how she can be pregnant, i really do hope all this worry is for nothing. guess only time will tell.


It's very normal to fel stressed out, I promise, especially after you have been pregnant before.

I will go out on a limb with a story of my own..I am 24, and got pregnant on birth control, had an abortion, PARANOID AS HECK I would get pregnant again... I did get pregnant again, another abortion, but this time I got an IUD, which has'nt failed me yet!!!

ANYTIME you have been pregnant, and not expected it/unwantedly, there is a lot of paranoia about getting pregnant again..

I WAS SHOCKED and freaked out both times, even scared to have sex again, not because the abortion was emotionally painful, but because I was scared of getting pregnant again..

LET HER know you love her! Let her know that you are supporting her no matter what! It helps to know that no matter what happens we have supprt.


God, I remember when my girlfriend and I had intercourse for the first time. We both were 17, we were pretty sloppy and we didn't have an idea what we are doing....So, I didn't even know how to use a condom. I remember that one day she called me and told me that her period is late and that she threw up. I Google it and I saw it that those are the first pregnancy symptoms. I was scared because I was only 17, I didn't have my graduate day and the last thing that I wanted is to have a pregnant girlfriend.

But she never did this pregnancy test so that was our last hope - because it was too late for Plan b. So she took one, which I bought at the pharmacy store and it was negative.

It is a stressful period. of course, she was not pregnant and stress delayed her period.