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Hi my girlfriend and I are in a lot of stress recently and on Saturday 12th March 2011 we had sex without a condom but i did not ejaculate inside her, the next day we had sex again with a condom. I came inside her but when i pulled it out my condom was not attached to my penis. My girlfriend and i were confused where the condom went. I reached in and found the condom in her vagina and it was soaked with sperm. I was not sure as to how the condom was left in there. This happened around 1am on a Sunday morning.

About 4pm the next day My girlfriend and I rushed to the closest pharmacy to get the morning after pill. She took it instantly.

Its a Monday now and my girlfriend and i are in a lot of stress. I just want to know how much of a chance would she be pregnant?
Her period is also suppose to come around Tuesday to Friday, would it be delayed?
We are really worried and we do not want to make the same mistake again in the future, i would really appreciate all the advice i can get.



take a pregnancy test