I've been taking Lo loestrin Fe for 2 months now- I just started my third pack. I've never taken bc before these so I'm still not sure what's normal and what isn't :s I missed 3 pills the first month I started taking them (around the middle of the month) but I took them the next day or as soon as I remembered. The thing is, I didn't have a period last month, and I read online that it's pretty common for that to happen on this particular pill; which is very inconvenient for my current situation. A week or so ago I had sex with a condom but it slipped off at some point and the mouth of the rubber was outside of my body but I wasn't sure if any had spilled or not. My boyfriend says I have no reason to worry since I'm on the pill but I can't help it. I do plan on taking and hpt at some point just to clarify, but I fear the worst. My stomach has been feeling a little crampy and very bloated all the time with random spotting, which is hardly noticeable at all. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be worried?