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So last thursday, my boyfriend and I had sex for the second time. We were very careful in several ways:

1. It was only day 4 of my cycle.2. The day we had sex, I had been on birth control pills (Lo Loestrin Fe) for exactly a month.3. He wore a condom (Trojan ENZ spermicidal). It did not break.4. He pulled out and never *** inside me.5. AND just in case, I took the Morning After Pill (Next Choice One Dose) 16 hours later.


Do you think I should be worried about pregnancy? How early can I test? It's such a long time until my next I'm worried if the MAP messed with my cycle? Any advice would be SO greatly appreciated!


Hi Lax,

I don't think you're going to get pregnant.

DO NOT USE the MORNING AFTER PILL as a "just in case."  It is an EMERGENCY contraceptive, used for emergencies (being on birth control is not an emergency) and is not intended to be taken often.  It contains a very large dose of hormones.

Your daily birth control is MUCH safer and MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than Plan B.

You can test as early as 2 weeks after having sex but it is recommended that you wait at least 3 weeks.  Be sure to use your very first morning - wakeup urine when you test.  It is more concentrated so more likely to give you an accurate result.

Your next few periods may be different due to the morning after pill.  They may be early or late and heavier or lighter than normal.

Hope it helps.



Thank you so much! Youradvice was great!