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Today is 11/6/10 and I had surgery on 11/3/10. I'm on day four and still haven't had a BM. I'm very angry with the doctor as I had my surgery on Wed and he said I would be back to work on Monday. Well 3am on 11/4/10 I had to go to the ER to get a catheter put in and had a liter of pee drained. They kept the catheter in for 36 hrs which was completely uncomfortable. I have vicodin and stool softeners. I've been taking milk of magnesia starting last night. No poo. I have a trip planned for Australia on 11/18 that I told the doctor about in advance and he said I would be fine. I wouldn't have done the surgery before had I known how NOT fine I would be. I gained 6 pounds the first day from surgery due to bloating and not peeing. After the surgery I'm still 6 lbs heavier and I've barely eaten anything. Can anyone tell me if they experienced this weight gain? I'm super scared that if I don't poo because he said that is REALLY painful for them to fix impaction. OH DEAR GOD. I'm a 32 yr old female. Normally I'm much more coherent but I'm just so uncomfortable. When am I going to poo???? I've done a lot of praying, nothing.


Look I hope you have gone by now, but if not take some Senokot. The vicodin is making you constipated and as long as you keep taking it it will continue to do this. I stopped taking it after 2 days and took Tylenol extra strength two pills every four hours on the dot.
The poo will be difficult to pass and make things more anxiety ridden when you do try and go if you keep on taking the vicodin.
I had my surgery on Sept 13th, and now am perfectly fine at 9 weeks. You should be able to go on your trip, i was back at work after two weeks, only taking painkillers occasionally at that point.

Great tips are as follows.
Eat fruit and vegetables, fiber one cereal, two teaspoons of metamucil every morning along with 2 stool softeners per day, and tylenol extra strength. Once you regulate your bowels again, you will know what to cut back on. Drink t least 4-5 16 oz bottles of water or juice every day too.
Sit in the sitz bath (Sounds disgusting) when you need to go the first few times clean up and sit in bath or sitz bath to relieve pain, throbbing and swelling. I lived in it ten times a day if not more, just to ease the pain and swelling.
If you need any other tips let me know.
I spent days in pyjamas climbing in and out of the bath a zillion times a day and night just to stop the throbbing. I was doing great after 10 days.



Also, the weight gain isw not a worry, you will lose that quick its probably just from not going. You will be ok by the time of your trip so don't worry. The Drs an ass for telling you you'd be back in work so quick its not possible. When you need to go its an event with the anxiety, sweating, and talking to yourself, or screaming, sounds like a mental patient, but believe me grown men have talked about it. Some people take valium while recovering to help with anxiety.
Oh activia on a regular basis is a good idea too.
Good luck, let me know how you are doing.



Your comments and especially the tip concerning the sitz bath are most helpful. It is somehow very comforting to hear from somebody who successfull coped with this PPH hell.

May I ask when and how precisely did matters begin to improve for you? Was the improvement gradual or did it happen all at once? For how long did you have to take round-the- clock pain killers?

Did you also experience a constant urge to go? Would you advise yielding to it? In my case, I have some 6 (!) excruciating BM's per day and I'm already ten day past the operation. (The doc who performed the surgery has reexaminded me and sees no problem...)




I thought i had replied to this early morning. You will turn a corner around day 13 I hope, i was still panicking at that point because i had to go to work, and dreaded having to go if needed at work. I would have been screaming, but it was possible. Still painful but no moaning or screaming "get out". Oh I know what pain is after this op believe me and I have had three kids two naturally, but this is such a long process compared to that, its day after day. At day 10 i was still taking them every 4 hour while awake, slept all night no issue. The urge to go was a pest, because sometimes i would sit there and nothing happened, i think it takes a while for your butt to get over the trauma and sends the wrong signals at the least little thing, i think it must assume the swelling in there is poop, and triggers your brain etc etc. sometimes its not.
I took the pain killers once or twice a day at this point only when needed, and used a hot water bottle to sit on for hours after a BM. I still sit on a doughnut cushion at work, just out of habit at this point.
At three weeks i felt pretty much normal apart from swelling at week three.
It rapidly got better after week two for me, but the average healing time is 8 weeks in total.
If you need any other info let me know i will gladly help if i can.