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Hi Everyone, I am having a hemorrhoid remove this Thursday 19 August 2010 and I am very worry of the post-op. Thank God that i have found this page and know that I am not alone. I've read a lot of the post here and advice but if you know any that has help you go through this horrific time please don't hesitate to help me out :-( . I've had this hem for about 10yrs, I'm 31yrs male, Iraq combat veteran, still in active duty and this hem is starting to get in my way of work and enjoy a normal life.
I usually just push it back in after a BM and no big deal but recently I've had a food poisoning and it causing me to go like every 30mins and after the food poisoning the hem get really bad to the point i could barely stand for long. Start to swollen on the outside and it is very sensitive and painful when touch. So the surgeon said it wont get better so suggest i have a surgery.
If anyone is still reading on this forum please give me a few tips that has help you through this.


Hi there, I will try help you as much as possible

First of all, diet is so so important with this op
Before this surgery I used to eat so much junk food and meat
Now after this surgery I've changed my diet dramatically
My diet consists of mostly fruit, cereals with bran, wheatmeal bread, bars with high fibre, and various dinners with lots of vegetables, and most importantly plenty of water

OK with the BM, the most important thing is not to squeeze or push
You need to relax
It's harder to relax if your bowel is hard so make sure you drink lots of water and high fibre diet to keep it soft
Also what helps is leaning forward and lifting your heels so that most of the pressure is on your toes
One more thing is stick with the medication you've been prescribed
Its better to stay on top of the pain than to try and catch up to it

Hope this helps if I think of some more stuff il post them on here


Hey dude. As the previous post suggested diet has a BIG part in making sure you never have to go through this again. But if you are one of the lucky ones you'll never experience any pain (good luck with that one) but in the chance that you will and I'm sure that you will DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT go back to your normal diet after your operation. You may not feel anything while the food is going through your gut and intestines but buy god you'll be feeling it come out. For the first week live on vegetable soup this is all you'll want after surgery NO SOLID FOOD !!!. Take a stool softener with every meal even if it is soup the body will strip what it needs as it goes through system but solids will still come out.

Make sure you have some good pain meds but not ones that will constipate you, you do not want to push anything as this can tear the stitches. The best relief you'll get is a hot bath, and no matter what any doc says you'll need 4 weeks off work/duty and you won't be able to move around like you do now for at least 2 weeks (but lets hope you might be the lucky ones)

So in brief.

1. Soups only for the first week.
2. Hot Baths and plenty of them.
3. DO NOT PUSH when going to the toilet (or you'll end up back in the same position and after this operation you'll never want to go through it again)
4. Bloody good pain meds and plenty of them. (enough to last 3 weeks)
5. Ice Packs (That's right!! Wack it up there and sit on it 3 times a day 2 x 15mins on 15 mins this will help with swelling.)
6. Plenty of water.
7. Stool Softeners. Natural ones work better than man made ones and they don't taste like orange or lemon. Eg: Psyllium husks.

and last and the most important one is plenty of rest. The more you move around the first week the more it will aggravate it.

Good luck with it and lets hope you're one of the lucky ones.


My background, i'm a 40 year old male in good health, minus being a tad overweight, married with 2 kids. I am in law enforcement (prior army airborne) and have had these hemi's (as my wife calls them) for a few years. It got to the point where they were starting to interfere with my work and personal life. I also wore "pads" to work to protect against bleeding etc. I love hiking, camping, backpacking, bicycling and most things outdoors. Just started Brazillian Jujitsu and work out daily so it was time to get it done.

I just had my surgery on Friday the 13th and let me tell you i am sore. I didn't have a bowel movement until the next day. Mostly just gas since they fill ya full of air during surgery. My first BM was small but didn't hurt too bad. I have been following the doctors instructions and basically what other have said. I take a stool softner 3 times a day and also take fibercon tablets.....the psysillum type. I do take the Vicodin but to be honest they dont take the edge off very well.

Right now I have alot of burning and pain in the rectal area and it does seem to be swollen. Sleep is difficult as when I am laying down, no matter which way, Ill get "anal spasms" and they make me bolt up from the pain. They hurt. Right now its just really uncomfortable. Not sure if I have a UTI (urinary tract infection) or not but feels like it when I urinate. I'll empty my bladder then 2 minutes late I have the urge to pee and I just get a dribble. I use Tucks pads to wipe after BM etc and take alot of Sitz bathes which do help. Ouch just had a spasm.

At first not sure if this was normal but after reading the info hear it does sound routine. I definantly know I wont be ready to go back to patrol duties anytime soon.

What I can say is take it easy and dont push it. It will take some time and I am learning that too. I also use 'roid cream for the itching but to be honest it doesn't help much. But do take the stool softners and fiber pills. I usually have oatmeal for breakfast, soup for lunch and try to stay high fiber for dinner.

It will hurt and is uncomfortable but will be worth it in the long run.


Honestly guys, taking long hot baths will take away a LOT of the discomfort that you are having, as I've been there done that with banding and everything. Another thing i forgot to mention is NEVER Wipe the area till after a couple of weeks. After doing your BM just go in the shower and was your bum and then go sit in the hot bath for 30mins or so and just relax.

Before surgery empty your bowels completely stomach contents and all as this will give you at least 3 days before you need to go to the toilet again and this will help A LOT !!

If you find it a bit too much to empty your bowels over the toilet (and you will) do it lying down in the hot bath. I know it sounds disgusting but believe me it will be so much easier.


Hi guys, I just want to thank you on your story and tips. I will keep in mind of all the helpful tips that I've read from here. I have been changing my diets for awhile now so I am praying that I will not be in as much pain as some of the victim here.

visaliapa, hey bro I wish you fast and painless recovery cause in a few days ill be where you are.

I'm sure i will post up here and share my experience to everyone after my surgery.

until then thanks everyone for reading about my complain and asking for advices.


Thanks bro....slowly getting better. Still in pain but dealing with it better. Check with your surgeon/doctor but mine had me take a dose of MiraLax the night before. If you have any questions feel free to ask and good luck on Thursday.