my husband had this op last thurs . he had to stay in over night even after being told it was a day case sergery ,dont be fooled it is a painful recovery . on day 5 and 2 bowl movments later it was emense pain on passing them . no bleeding as of yet. which is good as there was lots on passing bowl motions pre operation , i am glad i have read a few posts on hear and understand his discomfort more now , he cant sit long and is very agutated and uncomfy and not sleeping great at night passing lots of wind which also causing pain . hopefully the operation will be a succsess and all previous alments will subside and have gone on his recovery . joke doctor has given hime 1 weeks club note from work what is he thinking my husband has a very manual heavy lifting job , can you believe it after this op i been told 6 to 8 weeks recovery