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I am having 3 veins done in a hemorrhoidectomy tomorrow. Any words of wisdom? Is there anyone who recovered within a week and was not terrorized by this surgery??


My name is April. I am 32 yrs old and am scheduled to have my surgery to remove 6 veins on Feb 14. I am so anxious to talk to someone who has actually had it done and I hope that your recovery has been as good as we can hope...if not better.

I know your computer is probably the last thing on your mind, but if you can please respond to me on both this address(my hubby's work computer, which I am using now), and my personal address. It is _[removed]_

Sorry if this sounds intrusive, but I've been looking all over the internet and cannot find ANYONE to give some advice (REAL ADVICE) about what I'm about to face.....ECPECIALLY the pain!

Hope you are doing okay...and just have it behind you, now!


I have a recently developed prolapsed hemorrhoid causing no pain but bulging from my anus when I have a BM. I'm going to have a hemorrhoidectomy to remove it. The surgeon sai My question is, does anyone know if the pain will be less with the removal of one hemorrhoid as opposed to removing a large mass of hemorrhoids? The hemorrhoid I have is not causing pain but I can't live with this bulging out of me for the rest of my life. I'm so scared to have the surgery.


I see most of these posts are a year + old. But, I recently completed this surgery. I am at one month + one day.
My recomendations:
Do a full bowel prep before, a day or so. Some docs like mine, so only do an enema. Forget that. Do the entire bowel cleanse.
You'll be swollen after, and probably doped up.
When you get home, enjoy and use the Percocet they give you. Vital to use it. Since your bowels will be clear, no chance of constipation, which of course can happen with pain killers.
Get an OTC stool softener too, and stick to a bland diet; applesauce, wheat toast, a lot of water, and oatmeal. I ate practically only that the first couple of days.
Keep gauze or something similar as a packing. Also, when a BM comes (for me, almost 3 days - I was starting to get worried), use Tucks after. Not Prep H wipes. The meds on those could cause more pain. Tucks, trust me.
The stool softeners will also be vital, and to me, more so than the painkillers. I edged off of the Percs as much as I could. Got 25 when I had the surgery, and only used 13 over a span of about 10 days. There is a lot of pain, but it does get better.
Take baths. Regular baths. A lot.
I tried that sitz bath for a few days, but that can put unwanted pressure on your bottom so said my doc at my one week post op check.
And take powdered Benefiber too. I took one or two tablespoons a day, with two tablets of stool softeners and the occasional Percocet during or after a BM.
As to work - forget the first 7 days. You can walk around but even sitting can hurt. Pain spikes while laying down too can happen. Expect that. Keep clean as much as possible. Expect to take 3 baths a day.
Second week - it gets better it was hard to see the end. The end of this does come. I say about day 12 or so, you feel Ok.
But I am at day 31 and I still take Benefiber + stool softeners. No more percs after day 15.
Second week try to stay home too, otherwise you need close access to a bathroom.
Third week you can perhaps go back to work.
So it was worthwhile for me, a man aged 41. History in my family, but I also had a bad diet and strained a lot over the years too, and never did a thing right. Now I know. Eat well, go easy in the bathroom, and don't try to hurry. The Benefiber + stool softeners will do the rest. You will get thru it.
Good luck.


After reading these threads, I am not sure I have even had the same operation! I am a 50 year-old female and had a history of hemorrhoids dating back 20 years to childbirth. When an internal one came out and became thrombosed in January, I decided to look into surgery. We are currently posted in Argentina, so this is where I had it, on 7 April. I have had almost no pain, and no other significant problems. For what it's worth, here is what I did:

-For several weeks beforehand I played around with fibre supplements and finally settled on ground flax seed, 2-3 tablespoons per day (my weight is 120lbs). (My doctor did not say to do this, but I was forewarned by research on the web)
-I was not prescribed anything with codeine, but was going to refuse it (in theory) if prescribed because it constipates me terribly. I had a strong NSAID, which I needed only for the first 1.5 days.
-I have a very healthy diet anyway, no sugars, low on red meat, low on carbohydrates, no alcohol, and ate even more sparingly prior to and just after the surgery
-my surgeon prescribed sitz baths with Malva tea (a loose tea/herb I buy in a health shop). Malva has anti-inflammatory and antio-biotic properties (apparently)
-my surgery, which removed three hemorrhoids using laser, also involved a lateral incision beside my anus, underneath an external hemorrhoid. It will drain some pus for about a month apparently, and was left open for this purpose. Confusingly I find no mention of this on the web, and plan to ask my doctor to give me more details on it. It has been uncomfortable but nothing more.
-I was up and about immediately, and could sit without pain, and now (2 wks post-op)feel almost normal except for some gas, and not being able to walk for a long time
-the first BM was 2 days post op. They have been regular, and yes, uncomfortable for the first week, but nothing more
-my doctor was not expecting me to have pain so I don't think I'm exceptional. He has done 5,000 of them, 2,000 with laser. When I told him before the operation that I had been scared out of wits by this thread, he said it was hard to compare recoveries because the procedures can vary so much.

Perhaps there will be some surprises to come, but so far, the experience has been uneventful. Truly, though, my sympathy for those who have suffered above. What could account for the different experiences?


I had my surgery 11 days ago. I had 3 internal hemr. removed and 3 outer ones. About 5 hours after the surgery, the pain set in. You must keep on top of some kind of pain relievers.. vicodin, percocet, advil(very strong advil if you're not a fan of narcotics!) The first 3 BM's were something that I never want to have to relive. I nearly passed out from the pain; I was nausous, sweating profusely and needed to bite on a towel while it was happening. I agree with the person who said that it was like razors covered in lemon juice... yeah, it's that bad. The stool softeners and high fibre diet are so very important, and stearing clear of solid foods for the first 24 -48 hours helps.. somewhat. I probably should have done that a bit longer. Always take a sitz bath following a BM and frequently throughout the day. Be sure to just use plain water with nothing added, and I found that the hotter the water, the better it felt. However, the one thing that has helped me the most has been using icepacks. Be sure to use one that is soft and flexible.. you don't want anything hard or sharp down there. Every time I sit down for any period of time, I grab my icepack.. it's very soothing. If you can't find one in the drug store, you can order them on-line. Each day gets a little bit better, but being on my feet to much during the day, definitely brings on more pain and pressure. You need to move around during the day, just don't over do it. I go in for my post-op check up in 3 days, so hopefully I am on the road to recovery. My advice to anyone considering this surgery is this: If you are living in constant pain, bleeding and irritation, then do it. Be sure to pray about it and pray about seeking the right Doctor for you. If I had to do it again, I would. Because I feel certain that I can now move on with my life again.


I am 28yrs old, female and had surgery 9/3/08- 5days ago today. If i had could turn back time I definetley would NOT have the surgery done. it has been the most painful experience of my life. I've had two children, a tonsilectomy and a D&C after miscarrige and NOTHING compares to this pain. 3 days after surgery I had the biggest urge to have a BM and after I tried for a long time to my horror I realized the stool was impacted and WAS NOT coming out. I followed the doctors orders of Stool softners and metamucil and kept a liquid diet and this didn't help at all! I was in such excrutiating pain that I went to the ER and was hospitalized overnight. They gave me an enema and magnesium and it helped me have the first BM which was so horrible I was screaming on the toilet and the doc finally felt sorry for me and gave me a STRONG dose of pain meds in my IV and I finally pushed it out. I hope I don't gross anyone out but this is the REALITY of this surgery. The next day after, I was so sick because the enemas (2 by this time) and laxatives took effect and i had diahrrea for hours. Today is day 5 and I finally felt good enough to get up and have a somewhat normal day. The only thing is i haven't had another real BM since the one @ the hospital and I am more than terrified. I am so scared that I have still not eaten anything other than applesauce and jello. Has anyone else had such a bad experince with this surgery? PLEASE e-mail me if you've had a similar experinece and have gotten passed this I can use any tips or at least know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. right now I feel like i'm in a dark dark place and do not see the end to this horrible nightmare. my e-mail is _[removed]_


Hello Everyone. I am 23 , no kids, and have had an external hemmroid for quite a few years. As a teenager I ate whatever and didnt care about being constipated. Nor did I understand the problems that would arise in my future. I had a hemmroidectomy about 10 days ago and I have had nothing but trouble. I had my surgery done in a matter of minutes on my first visit to the proctologist. He said "Well I can take care of it now, or you can come back and we can schedule surgery." I guess you can say im still naive, but I said "lets get it over with. Little did I know I was going to end up back at the ER at midnight 3 days later, after I had a BM with a busted artery. My doctor luckily worked on call at a hospital and was available to sew me up. The needles are PAINFUL when he numbs you. Most of you seemed to have thjis done in surgery , VERY SMART move. I beg you to schedule an appontment. I arrived at the ER and had lost so much blood my blood pressure was 240/ 130 and my pulse was 140. Im a nurse and I know this just aint right!!!!! So I dont know why i had all these issues, but as sson as i left the ER. I was ok , b/c I was numb, however after the lidocaine wore off about 2 hours later, I was in complete AGONY!! I called him early in the morning let him know and he prescribed percocet. They did not phase me AT ALL. I never hardly take any medicine and I thought for sure this would knocdk me out .. hell no it didnt. My mom is a nurse practioner so I called her for more help and she suggested I call him up and let him no Im still in pain. He then prescribed me oxycotin, which helps alot more, but I have these anal spasms that wake me from a dead sleep. I think its my body telling me somthings not right inside my ass!! haha.. but anyways.. take stool softners people and drink LOTS of ice water!! This should help. If It does not ( like it did me ) take an FLEET ENEMA. Doctor told me not to, but I did this and It helped wonderfully! I actully had it work in a matter of 30 seconds. I suggest and I know this is gross, but go right in the bathtub after you soak for a few. This helps so much. No pain hardly at all this way. Yes It was gross cleaning it up, but being in this much pain I figure anything is better than nothing. You will feel so much better. This is the most painful situation I have ever been through in my life, and no one understands unless you have had this. I feel for everyone who is going or who is getting ready to go through this. I envy the people who are thru this already :-)... I hope this helps. Take one day at a time. Work WILL wait. Take care of YOU, thats all you need to do. Good Luck!!


liguer1- I am hoping you are feeling better at this point. I had my surgery on 9/24/08 and your story definitely hit a nerve with me. I've only had 1 kid, but I'll take that episiotomy anyday over this surgery. I hope this surgery will be worth it once I've healed. I've had problems with diarrhea, so its not constipation that caused my 'rhoids... it was a combo of straining (diarrhea), pregnancy and good ol' genetics. I took Milk of Magnesia right away in anticipation of constipation from the pain meds. So I had diarrhea at first, which hurt like heck. So I laid off the MOM and that was a huge mistake. I spent a whole day having the urge to go, but not being able to and having rectal spasms so bad I was crying and sweating... I thought about going to the ER since my husband was worried enough about me to stay home from work. I cried, I screamed, but still no go. So I kept up with MOM... finally went the next day. I read one post that described it as passing a watermelon wrapped in razor wire... that really described it best... unfortunately it was only the size of a baby carrot... sure felt like a watermelon. Now I can't seem to stop the spasms (except with valium)... some stools are sort of soft, but formed, others are diarrhea. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to regulate my system. Before the surgery I was in great health... eating lots of fruits, veggies, fiber rich foods and psyllium, running 3 miles 2-3 times per week. Very regular or least knew the signals. Now I've been reduced to being terrified to leave home a week later and anticipating a bowel movement may take an hour, having to include that very hot bath afterwards to provide some relief. My appetite is poor, but I'm so bloated that I can't wear my usual clothes... the scale is saying I've gained 10-15 pounds. Yikes! So, please tell me it does get better! I'm due to go back to work in 2 days, but I'm not sure I'll be off of pain meds enough to function.


Guest - get yourself an icepack to put on your bottom. Trust me. Put it on lay down and read the paper/watch TV and the spasms go. This will help your body get back to normal also as the signals are going haywire for you at the moment.

I'm at day 10 of having had this surgery, and I'm up and around. I went for 1km walk today in the park. Felt wonderful. Hope I've helped you.


I think to some extent a thread like this attracts folks who have had a rough time and need to vent. Those who had a problem-free recovery don't have much motivation to post.

I noted a couple of responses where people had uneventful surgeries and recoveries, so I thought I'd add mine.

I'm a male in my late 50's. I'd had internals and externals for many years and learned to live with them. Over the past couple of years, the bleeding became more and more annoying so I decided to have them lopped off.

After reading this and other boards I was pretty worried about the recovery and postponed the surgery once, but finally went ahead.

Had the surgery 9 days ago. The morning after I was up and did a couple of miles on the treadmill, walking. There was some mild pain, nothing alarming, and the oxycodone controlled it well. I took one pill every two hours instead of two pills every four hours.

I was constipated, probably a combination of the pain meds and the anaesthesia, but was told it could be 3 days before I had a BM.

I wasn't looking forward to the first BM, but it came and went the second night after surgery with some mild discomfort. I didn't pass out from pain, alarm the neighbors, or frighten the dog.

By day three, the digestive system was pretty much back to normal and I had put the pain pills away for good. Ever since, everything has been fine and I have really enjoyed not bleeding.

A couple of tips that helped me:

Another poster mentioned psyllium husk. I seriously recommend giving this a try. It bulks up the stool, cleanses, and really makes BMs a lot easier. Do a little research and experiment with it. The stuff I use is whole husk....don't know if the powders work as well or not. Tastes lousy but you get used to it. Drink lots of water with it. I had planned to use it only before the surgery and during recovery, but now I'm using it daily.

Another poster suggested getting pretty well cleaned out before the surgery...using the psyllium and eating less. As my only problem was post-surgery constipation, that sounds like advice I wish I had followed.

We have a bidet in the house so I didn't have to deal with the whole sitz bath thing, but the warm water really is soothing.

Finally, I was able to have my surgery done at a Mayo Clinic. Not an option for everyone, but I guess the obvious point is to find a well-qualified surgeon.

Anyhow, I mostly want folks to know that the surgery doesn't always result in a month of post-op agony....though of course my heart goes out to those who have suffered.


I have Ulcerative Colitis, so I have lots of experience with pain, cramping and bleeding of the digestive system. My GI dr told me it would be best if I had the several external, and internal ones removed, to make future maintenance easier. He told me it was a simple and common procedure. The surgeon reassured me of the same. My physical therapist told me he heard it was like 'passing glass', but thought that was an exaggeration. (It's not)

All I can say to anyone wondering about this surgery is:


I was skeptical of all the bad experience posts, assuming mostly only those with trouble would post.

This was (and is) the worst experience of my life. I had cervical spinal fusion surgery last fall, and it was NOTHING compared to the pain and agony I have been through with this.

First day post op was spent on the floor of the bathroom, sweating, shaking, crying and vomiting, until my husband was able to pick up a stronger narcotic (Percocet to replace Vicodin) I was suicidal, but not able to move enough to swallow all the pills to do it.

The Percocet eased it a tiny bit, but I continued vomiting until the 3rd day, when I was able to convince the dr to prescribe something.

4th day post op found me in the ER, desperate for relief, they were unable to help, despite IV narcotics and oral and rectal enemas.

6th day post op found me in the drs office having a Ischioanal Abscess drained under local anesthetic. They are apparently fairly rare (he had never seen one before) but when they do happen, are frequently caused by the trauma of this surgery

9th day post op I finally had my first bowel movement (had 7 different enemas administered before that day, none worked, except to add toxins to my already stressed system). It was so painful, I vomited and nearly passed out.

10th day post op found me in the hospital having a 2nd Ischioanal Abscess opened and drained under general anesthesia, the first one was re-opened and re-drained as well.

I am now 13 days post op, and can barely stay in one position for more than 10 min. Sitting, standing, laying, all must be changed constantly. I have had little to no real sleep in almost 2 weeks. It has taken me 20 min to write this, as I have to keep standing up.

Thank god for my husband, who ended up taking over a week off of work to help me through this, and to do the frequent dressing changes on the opened abscesses.

DO NOT, repeat DO NOT have this surgery unless your literal life depends on it, and think that through carefully.

I wish I had taken others experiences seriously.


After having trouble with hems off and on for the past 20 years, I am now at the decision point as to whether to have this surgery. I have two major concerns: 1) the pain, and 2) the possibility of developing bowel incontinence as a result of the surgery (one of the possible complications.)

As for the pain of passing BMs post-op... right now, I use Calmol suppositories (zinc oxide and cocoa butter) along with Desitin zinc oxide paste on the outside, in order to minimize pain, bleeding, and irritation during BMs (and during cleanup afterwards). It makes a big difference. Is it possible to use this strategy after the operation? Would it help to reduce the pain?

As for bowel incontinence, has anyone experienced this as a side effect after the operation? Apparently, the sphincter muscle can get loosened by the trauma, leading to the inability to control BMs and/or leakage. Living with that might be worse than just living with the hems.

I am a 47 year old male. I have two or three internal ones, and about four external ones.


Hello everyone,
I know am probably too late writing on this forum, perhaps that's the only available thread on the internet discussing this subject. So I felt I'd like sharing my experience.
I am male 28 and I've had my open hemorrhoidectomy surgery 10 days ago, I had it both internal and external and the doctor made four cuts. And as everyone has said before, the pain after the surgery is unbelievable. Although I can honestly say that I will never do it again if it ever comes back but I'd like to convince myself that I don't want to spend my life with it.
The first few days after the operation is painful. I don't even know how to describe it. But it gets better and better everyday (I wanted to stay positive :-) perhaps it was my stupid mistake that it took medicine for constipation and I never had any. So I kind of spent half my day in the bathroom and I think I had phobia from the bathroom after that.
After 10 days from this operation, the pain is still there but I am getting better (at least the bleeding is almost over :-), here are few things that might be useful:
- Sit in warm/hot water ... A LOT. This is really helpful.
- Lots of fibers. (I am eating normally..that was the doctor's orders but with extra fibers)
- In my country, there's a medicine called "Voltfast" (perhaps you might have it with a different name), this one used to do magic with me. It releases the pain for like 7 hours
- Pray :-D
- I read this from a previous post. Not being able to control yourself. A relative doctor of mine asked me if I have it because this is usually a mistake by the surgeon that he cuts a small part of "i donno what" that controls all this. So i really suggest talking to your doctor on this.

As for anyone reading this before the operation, perhaps my case was different (having four cuts) but I think it is totally worth it, and the pain will eventually go away. I am not completely recovered but at least I am able to sit on my computer.


on Monday, im going in for surgery, when i went to the doctor, he wanted to rubberband me, as if i were a steer.i've seen dogs go through that, in misery, so that scared me, and i asked for another opinion. what my problem is is a piece of skin that came out while dealing with an impaction around the time of the birth of my 20 year old son. its gotten larger gradually over the years. when i have BM problems, it swells, but its not where bleeding comes from. i rarely have any bleeding, but this thing is a real problem in combination with my broken tailbone (broken in an ice skating accident back in the early 1980s. it healed, but it began to hurt again when we took a 2k mile car trip to Florida, and has gotten worse over the last 10 years. so, with both problem, and disabled by visual, hearing and balance disabilties, im stuck at home, i can sit for a couple hours, but then have to go lie down, to let the swelling of the *whatever* on my tush go down, and let the pain of my tailbone go away. im on oxycodone for this, but it causes constipation, so i add an exstrength exlax every few days, if i seem to have problmes going..

i wasnt too worried about the surgery, until hitting this site, now im scared to death. i've had 4 C-sections, and an abdombinal hernia, which was the worst pain i ever had. my presurgery instructions have a note at the bottom (no pun intended) " Exam under Anesthesia/excise skin tag/hemmorrhoidectomy possible''.

....what does this sound like to you all?