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Hi there,

A version of this post appeared as a reply to an earlier posting about the pain of recovery from hemorrhoidectomy. I really had such a different experience that I wanted to put this out there to balance the views and to alleviate unnecessary anxiety in pre-surgical patients. I don't want to sugarcoat this - the recovery is at times extremely painful but I have found it to be manageable with appropriate use of pain medication.

I know every person's experience of pain is different but, 6 days out from hemorrhoid surgery (plus removal of 5 skin tags) my experience is so markedly different from some of the posts below.

Firstly, let me say this - get yourself a good, no, GREAT, colorectal surgeon. For those in Sydney, Australia, I see Dr George Orlay in Randwick. Leaving aside the various pain thresholds, I can only put my 'positive' (this should be taken to mean 'less negative' it has not been fun) experience down to the quality of pre and post op care, as well as the care taken during the procedure.

George (Dr Orlay) has banded 3 hemorrhoids for me in the past but with a recurrence recently suggested surgery. He had previously advised against removal of the tags as this is, his words, 'excruciating' and only cosmetic but as I was proceeding with the hemorrhoidectomy, I figured I might as well kill 2 birds.

George left me with no illusions about the pain associated with recovery from this procedure, so I took 6 days post-op leave from work and basically cleared my calendar for a week. In the pre-surgical consult, the anaesthetist (Dr Lander) gave me a prescription for panadeine forte (i.e. codeine) and agarol (a laxative). I followed him into the theatre, laughed at his joke and smiled as he put me under, knowing it could be my last for a while.

An aside: I was operated on at a day surgery (as opposed to a hospital) and was not given a general anaesthetic, just a sleeping potion and (I assume but did not ask) something to block the nervous system. I am not sure what, if any, difference this makes in the recovery.

The surgery went fine (i'm told) and I woke in recovery feeling pretty good. George injected a pudendal (nerve) block during the procedure, which gave me about 6 hours of pain relief post-op. The anaesthetist suggested taking panadeine forte as I started to feel that wearing off. My wife picked me up and within 3 hours of arriving I was on my way home, feeling pretty good about it all (even stopping off at the chemist to fill the scripts and to pick up some lunch - and fibre tablets).

As the afternoon wore on I felt the steady increase in pain, which was accompanied by a sensation of pressure and a dull pulsating in my rectum and anus. It was, to say the least, most uncomfortable (but still quite bearable).

In what can only be put down to stupidity, I started taking panadeine forte as advised but under-dosed (1 instead of 2), which lead to a great deal of pain developing as night one wore on. I couldn’t sleep and after rolling around in bed for a few hours (you can’t get comfortable with this pulsating agony going on), my wife kicked me out and told me it was time for 2 more panadeine forte. Eureka!

I watched tv for an hour or so (still in a lot of discomfort) until the drugs kicked in and then went back for a fairly fitful night ‘sleep’. That was by far the worst night and by day 2, I was feeling much better. Conscious of the risk of constipation, I stopped taking codeine and switched to regular paracetamol.

A nurse from the day centre called to discuss how I was doing and I saw George again in his rooms that afternoon. All good.

The next step was a bowel motion. This came on the evening of day 2. The psychological fear of this far outweighed the actual pain of the motion itself (which was actually fairly smooth). It did take some doing to actually bring the motion down (and out), but I put this down to my colon being in a state of shock akin to a spasm.

Afterwards however, I was in a lot of pain. A lot. I showered, then bathed, then did a salt water wash. Nothing helped. 2 more panadeine forte and about 1.5 hours of (almost) writhing around on the sofa, and I returned to a pre-stool state. That was by far the worst point of my whole experience and again, can be put down to poor pain management. Before and after this point I was really doing fine. In a fair bit of discomfort to be clear but nothing like the agony described in some other entries I have read.

I have a regular bowel motion routine and since that first stuff-up, have made sure I have had 2 panadeine forte well before the motion is anticipated. I say again, the motions themselves are not overly painful (although still take some moving about, sitting, standing, squatting, gentle pushing etc) but the after-effects have put me on my back again each time [EDIT: Day 7 morning - took 2 panadeine forte with breakfast of cereal and tea, followed by bowel motion, shower. sat water rinse and bed for 1.5 hours and I’m now fine and about to go to work].

So, today is day 6 and I am back at work tomorrow (though probably not a full day). I am still in some discomfort but walking around, helping cook dinner and just about to have a glass of wine after putting my kid to bed. That is to say, I am now almost fully functional. The only trouble I have now is putting up with the effect of the bowel motion but George (Dr Orlay) advised this was down to the removal of the 5 tags, rather than hemorrhoid excision.

I have kept a normal (healthy) diet throughout (no junk food but meat, vegetables, lots of salad, fibre but nothing pureed or mashed). I even allowed myself a single bottle of beer on night 5 to watch the rugby. I have bathed the area in salt water 3 times a day (and after each bowel motion). I cancelled my diary and have an amazing wife who, up till today, has done absolutely everything around the house and left me laying on the sofa watching DVD box sets and satellite tv for the last week.

Best still - my hemorrhoid and skin tags are gone for good!

Cheers and all the best.


I found this from the other thread by user Galahad KoA, I just think its so great that it might help if I repost it.
I Galahad will be ok with this. Well here it is:

During my bad days I imagine what it will be like two months from now, six months from now. What it will be like to be normal again. Not having to worry about my next bowel movement, or not being at home when I have it. Not having a fear of going out and enjoying my life because of my problem, and not wanting to deal with it somewhere else. Bleeding too much. Having to push my hemorrhoids back in. The list goes on. Imagine what it will feel like to not have to deal with any of that anymore, and how much happier you will be. You go through the pain now so you can get rid of a big problem and live a better life later.


For those who want to try natural remedies:

:: White Oak Bark capsules. This is a relatively unknown herb for hemorrhoid.  It has been used extensively by American Indians historically. From personal experience it has no side effect. I used to bleed now and then during the first BM and things were getting out of control.  Besides I have irritable bowel which causes me to have BM 2 to 4 times in the morning thus aggravating the hemorroids.  However since 6 month back when I started taking White Oak Bark (4 to 8 capsules daily) my bleeding stops completely except a bit only once and all because I had visited the toilet 8 times the previous day.  White Oak Bark also shrank the hemorrhoids like nothing else.

For this reason I think White Oak Bark is super good for hem sufferers.  I used to take various brands of TCM pills for hem but they don't work as good as White Oak Bark. And when the bleeding gets serious, those TCM fail completely. 

I even tried mixing White Oak Bark powder with half a pack of red wine and then add hot water up to a glass. I sip this drink slowly say over an hour or two and I only take it when the hemorrhoids are not serious.   I found that this mixture is very helpful. 

CAVEAT: I suggest taking this alcoholic mixture ONLY after a period of taking White Oak Bark - say after several weeks.  This is because you want the White Oak Bark to repair and strengthen the weaken rectal tissues first.

:: Rutin.  This is another powerful supplement.  It is usually extracted from Huai Hua or Buckwheat.  Huai Hua or Japonica Sophora is a herb used often in TCM hem medicine.  But it you buy Rutin say 500mg tablets, the stuff you get is powerful and much cheaper.  You only need to take one daily.  You can also grind the Rutin tablet into powder and mix with Vaseline or some safe ointment to apply to your hem and see how it works.

I also think hemorrhoids are caused by numerous factors:
    - rundown of body 
    - toxin accumulation 
    - wrong type of diet like being too yin (cold) or too yang (hot)
    - circulatory defect aggravated by sedentary life
    - constipation
    - water retention

I could write a blog on it to help others ; and I intend to once I completely recover and based on my progress I am quite sure this is coming true. I don't take the saying - from whatever source - that there is no cure for any disease because once you believe it, you make the reality.  People have even come back from death completely cured of their terminal cancers and told us that it has all to do with their long-held negative beliefs. 

Anyway no single remedy for hemorrhoid will work for everyone because of the different causes.  However the 2 supplements I recommended earlier would generally be great for most sufferers.   It is also helpful to check up on the testimonials from users of such supplements at websites selling such supplements.

I hope my testimony will bring hope to sufferers.



Hi ,
To all I feel your post hemorriodectomy. Dave from the UK. I'm post op 12 weeks. This operation takes up-to 6 months to fully heal. There are some rules I would love share with all who experience this operation. Tips I guess to help. That really has worked.

1/ Ask the hospital for instillagel. Local anesthetic in a syringe. Prior bowel movement. Post movement for two weeks post op.
2/ Have a shallow bath. Add a little salt to the bat water, bathe Straight after BM. As your muscles down there are relaxed. Soak 20 minutes.
3/Use Fibrogel, sachets 2-3 a day. These are a god send. Bran sachet . They help to keep your BM formed but soft. Not runny. Which will cause more prone to infection if your BM are liquid. After week 6-8. Drop down to 1 sachet per day. Drink at least 3 pints of water through the day.
4/ You will experience a yellow discharge. Some poop leakage too. Don't be alarmed. Your muscles have been opened to extreme. Lol. Anyway. When you feel this leakage. You must try to clean up straight away. Little water, soap etc..
5/ So take a dip in a warm/hot bath for 20 mins after BM. Plus have another bath at night before bed. All this helps with healing the area.
6/ I get all the degrading leakage, one thing I forgot to mention. If your a man. Be glad of lady monthly pads. There another god send. Helps to suppress the leakage. Change 2-4 tines a day. Happy days. the pain is hard mentally, physically drains you in and out the tub. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Use the items, make a list. You won't go far wrong.
7/ Don't sit on your butt for any long periods for the first 8 weeks. Try an walk when you can, not to much. Little by little. This operation will take up-to 6 months. Due too the area. It's a roller coaster of 1 step forward. Two steps back. Blood, tears, anxiety, frustration. But listen. Use the things above with a good diet. Bingo you will come through this. It's a long one. Good luck to all. Feeling your pain and discomfort. Dave. England. UK.