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Hi There, my mum had an emergency colostomy bag fitted in 2006 due to contracting the super bug C Diff while in hospital recovering from a brain tumor operation. She was told she had to leave it atleast 2 years before considering a reversal, its been nearly 4 years now and she has started the process on seeing if she can have a reversal, she has lots of questions the doctors cant seem to answer, she is worried having the reversal might make her worse off in the end, can anyone share there experience of a reversal operation and what recovery is like?


my husband was the victim of a robbery and was shot, having to have a colostomy bag and a reversal surgery  He has been having frequent bowel movements since his reversal and his rear end is raw it has been almost a year and when he eats his food he has to run to the bathroom.  I watch him suffer with pain of having frequent bowl movements and had to ask him if he wished he had kept the bag, He said no quickly saying that he would rather take the pain than have that bag strapped to his side.  He hated the bag.  I just pray that he gets some relief from going to the bathroom so often.