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My husband has been diagnosed with IAHA. Presently he is on Rituximab treatment. We will see what will crop up next. He was already on steroid treatment but the condition relapsed. Ican say that it is a very devastating malady that makes a person suffer. I need a word of support and encouragement from someone who is passing from the same ordeal. My husband has the condition but I have to offer him support all the time which I do, but sometimes the carers also need some kind of support, even  of encouragement can help making the situation bearable.

thanks to whoever writes a word of encouragement. 


i certainly understand what you are going through, as my husband was also diagnosed with warm autoimmune hemolytic aniema last Jan/14 and its an awful diease. My husband was a jogger and worked non stop. But now he is tired, no energy, pednisone has not worked, trying to get approved for rituxin, but not sure if this will even work. Has been on sick leave on and off, but then was laid off last Nov from his job, told last Thurs. his red cell count is depleating again. waiting on approval for this rituxin, but we dont like the news we hear about this medication, we cant afford to pay for it. Not sure what to do next. Praying alot. has your husband have any luck with rituxin