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I am trying to decide on having a hemorrhoidectomy. I have had hemorrhoids for over 20 years since the birth of my oldest child. Mine are external and most of the time don't flare up. I try to control them with diet, exercise, fluids and stool softeners. However I am so sick of the constant worry of a flare up, the constant battle to keep the area clean, the worry if I don't have my normal morning BM, the soaking in the tub, the packing all my "supplies" for even the shortest trip (just in case) etc, etc. When I saw the doctor several years ago, he acted like i didn't need surgery. But I recently went to another doctor who said mine were pretty substantial and that I should have them removed. I feel like now might be a good time, my kids are grown and I'm probably in the best health of my life (I'm 43) and would hate to wait til I was much older and didn't handle the surgery as I would love to know how it feels to be carefree from all this. question to all of you that have had the procedure is: Is it worth it and would you do it again? I've read all your posts and so completely sympathize with each and every one of you for all the pain you are or were in after the procedure. Thanks in advance for your response.


If they are not really bothering you or flaring
up, it is best to leave them alone.

However, as you already know, having hemorrhoids
is quite problematic when it comes to maintenance
in order not to aggravate them. And hemorrhoids do
tend to grow bigger over time even with the best of
care, particular as we age. I had them since I was 23,
and when I finally had no option but to go for surgery
at 46 (three years ago), the surgeon said one of them
was really ..... huge !

Age is another factor, and as you know, it would be
better to do it at a younger age and in good health,
not when you are 70, and when the piles would have
likely grown to the size of the one I had then. Hemorrhoids,
when they get bigger, tend to be confluential around the
anus, like mine, not just a round berry. In such a case,
surgery would be more complicated, and recovery more
painful and difficult then.

Well, an external hemorrhoid has recurred, and the
surgeon won't band it as he said the pain would be
excruciating. Banding is more for internal hemorrhoids
which won't cause pain. He said if it grew bigger, he
would excise it. I'd still go for it if I have to again then.

If you decide to have the surgery, select the harmonic
scalpel, the Ligasure bipolar diathermy device, or the
laser. You can search for info on them on Google, since
I am not allowed to post links here. If the surgeon doesn't
have those, he will use plain old diathermy (cautery) which
causes far more pain.

Ligasure and the laser is supposed to seal the blood vessels and nerves as they cut, so bleeding and pain is much reduced.

Don't select the new fancied staple (or PPH) method, which
I had in my case. The staple has a few complications if you
are not lucky or the surgeon is not particularly skilled, such
as bleeding and anal stricture. The only advantage is lesser
pain. It cannot grasp big confluential hemorrhoids, like the
huge one I had, and the surgeon had to use diathermy to
cut it off. It also has a high rate of recurrence, as in my
case now.

The staple can also cause fecal urgency, which was just
what I had, since the titanium staples tend to grab onto
the anal muscles, causing spasms. I was passing out
stools as thin as 1 cm and running to the toilet 5 or 6
times a day, and wearing a ladies' sanitary pad, which
barely kept in the fecal matter. Passed out lots of gas
like an old steam train too.

After you have recovered from the surgery, the feeling
that those big troublesome lumps which caused you so
much discomfort and problems over the years are no longer there, would be well worth it.


Thank you Tham for replying. It sounds like you have had a time with your surgery and I hope things improve for you. My doctor said he does not advise the PPH or stapling procedure as they have had too many problems and said to go ahead with the full hemorrhoidectomy as it gives the best results. I am formulating a list of questions for him and plan to go back before making any decisions. I will be sure to find out what type of instrument he uses and I appreciate the information you've given.


I, too, am considering surgery. I've learned so much on these boards, and want to thank everyone for their time and energy spent to fill the boards with so much really helpful and surprisingly consistent information! I feel like I can prepare myself (as much as one can, anyhow!) for the recovery.

I'd like to know if/when you had the surgery ... and how you feel today.


I had mine almost a month ago, full hemmoroidechtomy. I'm pretty much recovered now, and altho I'm far improved from where I was pre-surgery, BM's are still not quite as easy as I thought they'd be. I still sorta feel like a hemmoroid sufferer, even tho they're pretty much gone. I can tell already that I'm going to have to be extremely disciplined with diet and exercise to stop them from recurring.


I see everyone has different opinion about hemorrhoidectomy. I personally dont recommend it unless there is no alternatives. I have had it done 5 weeks ago, I have experienced the worst pain in my life. I am still having complication such as pain from bowel movement, discomfort, still not able to go back to work and worst of all anal stenosis. My stools are about the size of my smallest finger. I am yet to appreciate the surgery because I am still in extreme pain and haven't been able to do my normal daily activities. My doctor was honest with me about the pain after surgery but I never thought it was gonna be that bad. Again I don't recommend it cause I'd never do it again. But if that's your only option, be prepared for the worst.


I would not have the staple procedure done again as I think that over time (almost 2 yrs now), some of the symptons and issues that revolve around having hemorrhoids are beginning to return.
Also, although the pain was not severe following the procedure, I was not able to return to work sooner the 2 weeks as I have read and been told is common with the procedure. That was the main reason and also the reduced pain that I elected the staple procedure. However, now with the reoccurrence of some of the symptoms, I wish I had just had them removed instead.
Further, I was unable to urinate after the surgery & had to be catherized for 1 day (thankfully it was only once) before I was able to regain control over urination (and this was thanks to a friend who was Doctor). Regardless of what you hear, it still is associated with a decent amount of pain in the time after surgery for a few days.


I had a stapled hemorrhoidectomy along with an anal sphincterotomy and fistula removal just over 3 weeks ago and I am feeling fantastic. The first week was agony, especially during BM, but nurofen and paracetamol helped. I also sit in quite a hot bath whenever possible which really helps with the pain.
As I needed 3 procedures done at once, the pain was definitely worse than had I only had a hemorrhoidectomy on its own. I have not regretted having the surgery because the pain I have put up with for more than 20 years was far worse than I feel now.
I can certainly sympathise with the uncertainty of not knowing when there will be another flare up and that is the main reason why I chose to have the surgery.
Good luck with whatever you chose to do but be prepared for some discomfort that will all be worth it in the end.


I would recommend it if you need to have it. The most important thing is to have your hemorrhoid(s) checked out by a doctor right away. I can't stress this enough. Most hemorrhoids do go away on their own but some don't. Because I didn't consult a doctor and change my lifestyle habits, mine only got worse. If I would have talked to him sooner more than likely I wouldn't be writing this post.

I had my hemorrhoid removed rather than stapled. If I had to do it again, I would defintely have the operatin, but I would want be put asleep. I didn't have insurance and it would have cost me $500 more so I didn't do it. A local anesthetic was used instead. BTW - I paid $2200.00 to have my operation. This was after I negotiated it down from $3500.00. I really didn't have the money and the doctor felt sorry for me knowing I didn't have insurance.

Kaiser will only try to cut open the hemorrhoid(s) releasing all of the blood. This will help temporarily, but the hemorrhoid will come back at some point. The damage to the anal wall has already been done.

The doctor placed me on a table on my side. A nurse pulled one butt cheek and held it open as the doctor placed a metal cone shape device up my anus. Yes, it felt horribly uncomfortable. It was worse because every muscle in my anus was fighting the foreign object from being put in. The metal cone has a small opening where the hemorrhoid can protrude.

Then I was given 5 shots of anesthetic. The pain was sharp. It was not 'uncomfortable' like the doctor said it would be. My eyes filled with tears and I did everything I could to keep my mind off of the pain from each insertion of the needle. The good news - it only took a couple of minutes for the shots to be placed and the anesthetic to kick in.

After the anesthitic started working, I couldn't feel anything. The doctor did his thing. Sliced off of the hemorrhoid and stitched me back up. I think the entire operation only took 15-20 minutes.

Recovery -

The recovery was difficult for me for the first 4 to 5 days. Not unbearable pain, but difficult. It is hard to describe how it felt, but suffice to say I needed the Vicodin.

If I had to do it over again, I would have taken more Vicodin. I took the Vicodin every 4 hours as the doctor recommended. The vicodin took most of the pain away, but it would start creeping back right after the 3rd hour. I should have taken them every 3rd hour instead.

You're are going to feel fine for the first hour after the operation. I drove home and even went to the pharmacy for the meds. I should have just taken it easy instead.

I couldn't pee normally for the first 2 days. It happens to some patients, I don't know why. I had to pee laying face down on the ground with a bowl underneath me. Or laying in a bathtub worked as well.

Bowel movements - When you are on Vicodin, you get constipated. Not a bad thing to have when you have stitches in your anus at first because the last thing you want to do is go to the bathroom. But it all needs to come out sooner or later. Having a bowel movement after your surgery is horrible. You are fighting with everything you have to keep it inside when your body is fighting it's hardes to push it out. The pain of the bowel movement passing your stitches is painful and often times bloody.

After I had the first bowel movement I didn't want to go through it again. I took the Vicodins as directed knowing I would get constipated. I didn't eat too much nor did I drink a ton of water against my doctors orders. On purpose I let myself get constipated for 3 days letting my anus heal as much as possible. After the 3rd day I drank a half a bottle of prune juice and took 2 tablets of exlax.

My bowel movements were so watery and soft they were easy to pass. I spent most of the morning on the toilet, but it didn't matter to me. I repeated the same process again for 2 days than did the prune juice trick. I feel like it really helped my body recover. I am not sure what my doctor would have said, but it was the only way I could have done it otherwise.

after 5 days I stopped the routine I took stool softener, drank lots of water, and had a lot of fiber in my diet. The pain from the operation went away after 5 days, but the bowel movement pain, though not nearly close to what it was the first time, lasted for a few more days.

All in all it wasn't the end of the world. My life sucked for a week. It took a couple of weeks for most of the discomfort in the bm's to go away, but they eventually did. I had some minor bleeding in my bm's at times up until a month after the operation. The doctor told me that it is common and not to worry. Eventually that too went away.

I am glad I had the surgery and hope they never come back again.

I hope this post helped. Good luck!



I am 2 weeks out and doing so much better than the first week. I went to dr today and he said I am still healing but I feel so much better. I plan to go to work on Monday. I have some something is stuffed up there but NO pain. I stopped all meds except for Tylenol when needed and the stool softener as needed also because it was making me go too much. To have them gone is pain and I'm sure each day I will feel better and better. He told me I had the kind of surgery that they cut out them out and then burn it away from where it connects so I am healing where there disconnected it.
Any questions, ask away...I come on here to see what others have to say and amazed at the differences between people but you really need to not work for 2 weeks and heal...


If you asked me the week following my surgery I would have said no freakin way. But as time has passed I felt better and better. I had my surgery on Feb 09 and I am back to 100% now. It was totally worth it. I had a lot of pain in the week or two after my surgery but no other side affects. I would probably do it again as long as the don't come back within the next 5 or 10 years.



I am 14 days past haemorrhoidectomy and the biggest problem is that i an having 6/7 BMs everyday. I am eating a lot of fiber and water as directed. One spoon of softener NORMACOL every night. Doctor says it should not be happening but is not related to the surgery.

Can anyone help??



well i had my hemorrhoidectomy today october 17 09 and the process wasnt painful like i though just having a stinging pain now. My doctor prescribed cataflam. havent had a BM yet I pray that it will be fine. The doctor was quite friendly and that help me i was placed under drip and after that he injected some substance in the drip and then i saw the ceiling spinng after that i do know what hapened but i woke up in the recovery room. They took my blood pressure and then i walk out. Wasnt an horror story at all. I AM STILL ABLE TO WALK AROUND FREELY. I will surely keep u guys updated.


Having a hemorrhoidectomy was the best thing I ever did! I had surgery about a year and a half ago. I'd spent the last ten years of my life dealing with very bloody stools. Every time I went poop, or had a bowel movement, it was just awful. It hurt, I had what looked like a bucket of blood in the toilet, and my hemorrhoids would come out of the end of my anus. I had to put them back in by hand every time I went number two. It was dirty, embarrassing, scary, and a total secret I'd kept from myself, my husband, and my family.

I am a 43 year old woman who ate lots of fiber and exercised lots so I could never understand why I had such bad hemorrhoids. I somehow felt that it was my fault. I had talked myself into thinking I had cancer, or some kind of intestinal disease, and I was so afraid to get help. I want to say here, do NOT LISTEN to anyone on any of these forums or posts who says that this surgery is terrible, too painful, not worth it, or something you should avoid. After reading many websites before my surgery, I almost canceled it! I'd read that your poop may come out the size of a pencil, that the pain is excruciating, that you will never be the same, and I almost didn't have the surgery.

Here is my advice. Get the surgery. Get it NOW! Get a good doctor who is an expert in his field, and get it done! Be prepared to take at least two to three weeks off of work if you are on your feet a lot, or at least one, to one and a half weeks of work off if you sit at a desk. It does take time to heal, and yes, it hurts. BUT IT IS THE BEST THING I EVER DID! I have normal bowel movements now. I never bleed. I don't have swollen tissue coming out of my behind every time I poop. I no longer dread pooping!

The other advice I have about the actual surgery is this. Two things. Firstly, remember that you will have incredible pain after the surgery. The doctor told me this is because your anus and rectum have more nerve endings in them than any other part of the entire human body. Okay, so once you know this, you know that having your hem's cut out, or your anus area cut on and then sewn back together, IT WILL HURT. But guess what? You get medication for that. They put you on percoset or darviset or hydrocodone or whatever. This is my first advice. Instead of taking ONE of these pills per 4-6 hours, ask your doctor if you can take two. They are always wary of you having this pill and taking too much so they will start you out with one. Well, my pain got the best of me the first three days, and so when I called the doctor, he said, "Heck yes, you can absolutely take TWO instead of one! No big deal!" Well, I was like, "why didn't they tell me this?" The nurse told me that you want to get AHEAD of the pain and not let it get ahead of you. In other words, take the pain killer BEFORE it starts hurting, and keep yourself medicated.

Okay, that will take about a week and then you'll want to take less and less, because you'll be groggy because of the anesthetic of the actual surgery, and you'll be dealing with more stuff from that than from the actual surgery. Stuff like just being unable to sleep well, being groggy, getting constipated. All the constipation stuff you read is true, just be smart, and take all the metamucil or whatever the doctor prescribes, and you'll get through it no problem. Yes, it will hurt to poop, but it will not hurt your surgery or your sutures, just get through the pain and you'll be fine. It's no worse pain than you might have with a bad period pain or with a very big poop. You will live, believe me!

The SECOND word of advice is this. When you poop, use a towel - like a wash cloth or just a small soft hand towel -- and soak it each time you poop in ice cold water. You can just run it in the sink until it's very very wet and very very cold. When you poop, you will be feeling very fragile and worried that your bottom might hurt, or that it might be bleeding, or that your sutures might come out. This is just anxiety. You will feel very swollen down there by your bottom/anus. After you poop, simply very quickly put the wet cold towel up by your anus and let it soak there. Even use it to wipe. It may sound gross, but wiping is the biggest stresser when you start pooping again after your surgery. They tell you to get a sitz soaking bath, but I didn't want to do that at first. What I did was soak with an ice cold, very wet towel, until I felt my bottom was clean and dry, then I would go back to bed and lay in my side. Sometimes I would put a heating pad up by my crack (on the outside of my underwear) and that would help the throbbing at night. Then when I had more energy, around day 5 or the first week after my surgery, I would soak in either a cold or hot bathtub. I would alternate either the hot or cold depending on how I felt that day. Somedays I wanted cold. Somedays I wanted hot. I just went with what made my bottom feel better.

I hope all this helps! It took a few months for everything to feel really right, but I was always positive. It was still better than my horrible swollen bottom, the blood, the pain, the embarrassment of the hemorrhoids. I had a some pain for a few months after the surgery, and I used a gel that had some kind of pain killer in it and rubbed it on my anus ever time I pooped. It really helped.

I hope this post helps to encourage people who may be afraid to have Hemorrhoidectomy, or hemorrhoid removal surgery to get their hem's removed. I've been wanting to write this post somewhere on the internet for some time, because I had such a hard time myself trying to find a positive story of someone's Hemorrhoidectomy surgery. Do it! Don't wait! You will be so happy you did!!!

Good luck and be courageous! :-)


I would do it. I am 50plus and this is day 3 after surgery. Have eaten only homemade chicken and beef broth made with meat and vegies, yorgurt smoothies with canned fruit. blender crunchy peanut butter and crackers on the 2nd day. bm on 2nd day ok after sitz bath and tucks pads, tuck ointment. could not tolerate narcotic pain meds after 1 day so using only advil. GOOD LUCK!