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My mom is suffering from nephrotic syndrome caused by diabetes and we’re at the point where she’s hospitalized because of the too excessive swelling. Alongside immediate draining, the doctor has suggested that it might be wise for her to start prednisone immediately to help lower the kidney inflammation and, hopefully, help with reducing fluid that’s forming the edemas. It did help her somewhat in the past, usually within a week or two. But it’s been almost three weeks now and it seems like the new swelling is starting to form and there is no weight loss that could mean she’s losing the liquid that has collected. We called the pharmacy and they say it all still within normal limits and that it works differently for different people, but I don’t know how much longer would it be for us safe to wait?


Hello, Guest.  I would believe that the predisone would be working long before now.  Three weeks is a long time for the steroid to kick in.  It may have reduced the inflammation but for some reason, the kidney is still not functioning to move the fluid out of your mother's body.  You should be contacting the doctor as soon as possible to have her reassessed.  I would hate to see you wait until the next appointment. 

Has any other of our forum readers have nephrotic syndrome and had prednisone to treat it?  If it didn't help, what did the doctors do for you?