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I started on metformin a while ago and I was wondering when it will kick in and start working?  I am still having high blood sugars and I thought it would be helping by now.  Can anyone help me out understanding what is going on?  I eat a lot of carbs but I figured the metformin would bind to the carbs and let them pass out from me so that the carbs are not absorb into my body.  What gives? My cousin can eat lots of cookies and take metformin and keep her sugars down to a normal level.   My blood sugars are still high even after taking metformin and I have been on it for 3 weeks.  I wonder if I need more of it?  I will talk to my doctor about it next time I have a visit.  How anyone else been on metformin?  How long did it take for it to start working for you?  I need to get the blood sugars down but I don't want to cut any more carbs out of my diet.  I get too hungry to cut out food.  Any help would be appreciated.  What is the secret to getting my blood sugars to go down?  Thanks!


Hello Guest.... your Metformin should be working by now.  Eating too many carbs will not help your blood sugar just because you are on Metformin.  The way the drug works is that it stimulates your pancreas to produce more insulin.  Metformin will not bind to the carbs you consume to be expelled out into your stool.  You will need to be compliant to your prescribed diet and take your medicine.  Then you will see improvement in your blood sugars.

Has any of our forum readers been on Metformin?  Did it start working for you right away?