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how ot not gain weight weight when on prednisone


there is only one way to not gain weight while on prednisone.
don't eat when you are hungry! or just refuse to take it.
I gained 80lbs and looked like I gained 180.
after 5 years, I was finally free from that dreadful drug OR at least
I thought I was.
My skin is so thin and I bruise when someone looks at me wrong.

The weight did come back off and recently a Dr suggested I use prednisone
for a short time . . . I scoffed and said "NEVER AGAIN".

I couldn't sleep, I was irritable, lost friends and nearly lost my self.

My advise, find a Dr who can prescribe soemthing else.
Beg them to get you off this horrible drug!

Best of luck!


I take predisone for Asthma and they say it is only thing that will work when I am breathing so bad. I have been on it this time since Nov. and here it is Feb still on 30 mg daily have all the symptoms you had. What other drug do you think will work??? Thanks for your Blog