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I am going on Vacation on Oct 8th, got my period on Sept 15, my regular cycle is about 25 days. Normally I will be getting my period right on the beginning of my weeks Vacation to Negril, Jamaica. I do not use any hormone birth control method, so how do I skip my period. Its been a week since my period can I start using Nuva Ring or some pill so I can skip a period in less than 2 weeks? Or I would prefer a method that will make my period come early, about 20 days after the beginning of my last period, is this possible?

thanks for your answers in advance


I have the same problem. I leave on vacation in 3 days. I'm supposed to get it within the next day or two. Usually on my 2nd-3rd day my period is really heavy. I do not want to be dealing with a 19 hour flight plus airport wait times while on my period. I do not take birth control either. Let me know if you find the answer.