Hi I'm Lisa. I have been on OrthoTricyclinLo for a couple of years now. Just recently-on Sept. 29th (Friday) I missed my pill. Saturday came and I took only 1. Sunday, Oct. 1st I missed again, so Monday, Oct. 2nd I took 2 pills. Tuesday Oct. 3rd - Monday Oct. 9th I had my period. On Monday Oct. 16th - Thurdsday Oct. 19th I had my period again. I know that got a little confusing but now on Oct. 7th (Saturday) I felt really nautious. Sunday Oct. 8th, I had a sharp pain in my stomach. Mon, Tues, Wed and today Thursday Oct. 26 I've felt really nautious on my way to work in the mornings. Prior to my 1st period, week or 2 give or take, I was sexually active. Do I have anything to worry about?