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Well i'd like to start with the beginning...about a month ago me and my cousin had unprotected sex i mean i was sleeping and he came upstairs and took of my trouser at first i thought it wasnt real but when i opened my eyes it was my cousin sticking his penis with my vagina..then he started to put it inside(wthout condom)i didnt have the guts to stop him and he kept doing it for 5-10 mins then he pulled his penis into my as****e and screwed me though i tried to stop him but he didnt its been a month since that happened and i still havent had my period though i do have irregular periods but when i think about all this c**p i freak out that maybe i'm tooo damm scared to go to a doctor and get it checked and im not able to get the pregnancy tester what should i do? How should i abort my baby wthout any help from anyone. And is it really pregnancy and the guy who screwed me doesnt know about this..! So what should i do now.Please help me :'( P.S im 15 yrs old.


Hi Sarah,

You can take a home pregnancy test NOW.  Use your first morning urine (wake up urine) for the best accuracy.  Follow all directions to the letter.

You could also report your cousin for rape.  If you tried to stop him and he didn't, he raped you.  Go to the police.

Good luck.