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Like stated above, I took Plan B, got my period a week later, it was at the wrong time, and my boyfriend and I had sex last night. The first time he came and the condom was fine, but the second time I'm pretty sure it broke. However, he didn't finish that time.

Is there a possiblility I'm pregnant? Everything I know seems to indicate it could happen.

Help. Please, I'm sixteen, and I really need to know.[list=][/list]


i wish i could help

i had my period the last week of may and 3 weeks later had sex with my boyfriend. the condom broke, so the next day got plan B.
i took the first pill at 3pm so i was due to take the second at 3am the next day, however i slept through my alarm and took it around 11am, 8 hours later.

its about two weeks later and i haven't had my period
i get the feeling that it may start, but im so unsure and very worried.
i did take both pills within the 72 hour time frame but its still nerve wrecking
im 17 :-(