Hi I'm 21 and sexually active with a long term boyfriend and have no children. We haven't been trying for a baby but last month I realised that I had accidentally taken my pill twice in one day. I didn't think this would be a problem so just had 8 days free instead of 7. When I had my period thus month it was a day late. When it did come it was a really dark colour almost black, it was not as heavy as usual but heavy enough to assume a normal period. On the second day it started to get lighter in colour and also in volume. By the third day it was barley there at all and was gone by the fourth day. I had no period pains and nine if my normal period systems. I also realised that my mood swings where extreme, one minute I'm laughing uncontrollably,then I want to cry or be angry. Normally my period lasts 5 days and is rather heavy. I have always had rather regular periods so this is really strange to me. I also as though I have put in weight but not sure if it just my IBS. I was diagnosed with this two months ago. The weight is all in my tummy area and when I sit down (especially in the evenings) my trousers feel tight. My belly is almost like fat not firm or anything. I would randomly get butterflies but not sure if this is just because I am nervous about being pregnant or if this is also a symptom of pregnancy. Finally I have also been extremely sexually aroused for the last 3 weeks is this normall? I don't want to waste money on test to be negative when it could just be all in head. I haven't told my boyfriend as I don't want to worry him for no reason either. Hope someone can help me. Thank you Bubble Lover