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Parents who have just welcomed a new baby will probably not be spending new year's eve anywhere but in their own home. Is this you, but does the idea of celebrating the new year while rocking a newborn to sleep sound boring to you?

We've been there, and have some tips for you. 

Making the new year special

My second baby was born on the last day of the year, at home. He was born during the night, and he "enjoyed" his first new year's celebration when he wasn't even a day old! Having just given birth, I really didn't feel like preparing the special dishes I had planned :). I also didn't really want germy guests around my really fresh baby. On top of all of that, my baby turned out to be so small that he didn't fit in all the newborn clothes we had left over from his sister, who was born much bigger. My husband and toddler daughter had to go shopping during the busiest day of the year. It was dreadful, I am sure.

We had a great time that night. There was a huge selection of healthy-ish no cook foods cheeses, olives, pickles, artichoke hearts, and various store-bought salads and dressings. We also had doughnuts, cookies, chocolate fondue, and lots of fruits (again, fresh but already sliced up in the store!). My husband bought champagne, and I enjoyed a little glass very much (I'd have had more, but I was worried about alcohol infiltrating my breast milk). It was just the four of us. We watched stupid, cheesy TV shows and had our lazy mezze, and then watched the fireworks with our two year old daughter. Even the baby seemed to look. He just commented earlier today that fireworks come on his birthday every year :). Come to think of it, that first year as a new family of four was the most perfect holiday I ever had! It was so peaceful and special. It was nice not to have guests, too.

What you can do

What can you do to make your celebration special with the resources you have? Here's a few things to think about:

  • In many places, stores are closed for a while during the holiday period. Sometimes for a few days. Make sure you have all the basics you need, plus a few special extras for the holidays. Food is obvious. You'll need diapers too, and perhaps formula if you bottlefeed or think you may.
  • If you live in a place where fireworks are a popular part of the new year's celebration, you will want to keep your windows closed. This is to make sure those horrible fumes don't irritate your newborn's lungs, and to make sure no fireworks can get into your home.
  • Cherish this time. Your baby could be scared by the fireworks, and you may feel lonely (everyone else is partying while you are at home) but this is a very special opportunity you may not have again. Let your hair down. Celebrate the way you want to. Savor your time together.
  • If you really want guests, you could consider inviting one or two to sleep over. But only if you're very sure they will not be annoying. You don't want to wait on someone when you have just given birth.
  • Get some good films off Netflix or on DVD. Some people love watching cheesy things on TV, but you may prefer a non-holiday related great movie instead. You may want to avoid films with lots of violence and yelling, as that doesn't make the best background noise for your newborn to go to sleep with.

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