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Dressing for your body shape can be tricky, especially if you don't know what your body shape is! There's so much conflicting information out there about body shapes, it's little surprise that ladies are still asking the question: which body shape am I?

To make you look and feel a million dollars and to feel comfortable and cool in the clothes you wear, it's really important that you dress for your body shape. Dressing for your body shape involves choosing pieces that show off the bits you love, like a narrow waist or slim calves, and flattering the bits that you might not love, like a large tummy or thick thighs.

But to know which clothes suit you, you need to get to grips with your body shape. 

There are literally hundreds of different body types and none of them is "perfect" - they're all beautiful in their own way.

But if we were to list every single body type, we'd be here for a very long time - so today, we're going to go over the four main body types. You might not fit exactly into these categories, or you might be a combination of two or even three - that's fine!

Which Body Shape Am I?

To get to grips with your body shape, you'll need to stand in front of a mirror in your undies. Stand up straight, with your shoulders strong.

Take notice of the relationship between your shoulders, waist and hips - then, see where you fit into the categories below.

The Pear

The pear is one of the most common body types, and it's identified by narrow shoulders, a small, neat bust, a narrow waist and larger hips. Typical pears have hips that are slightly wider than the shoulders, and they tend to carry more weight on their lower half, on their thighs, hips and bottom.

If you're a pear shape, you're in good company - Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, arguably two of the sexiest women on the planet, are also pears!

Pear Do's and Don'ts

  • DO: wear patterns and colors that draw attention to your top half. Show off your shoulders, too - try ruffles, off the shoulder and one shoulder pieces. Wear darker colors on your bottom half and brighter colors on your top half to draw the eye upwards. Go for fitted pieces on your bottom half - although it can be tempting to swamp your figure and hide away the bits you don't like, too much fabric will make you look bigger. Try tailored pieces on your bottom half and try flared trousers or jeans - they'll balance out your bum.
  • DON'T: wear clingy clothes, as they won't flatter your hips and thighs. Steer clear of patterned trousers and skirts and avoid high waisted trousers as they make you look bigger.
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