Has anyone ever experienced a rash that looks like insect bites when taking Lexapro? About three months ago, I started to get like shocks on my skin, like it felt like something was biting me. This could happen at night or during the day. And then I started to find that I was waking up with red spots on my body, sometimes on my arms and chest, but mostly on my legs. Recently they started to become pimples with white heads on them. I find new ones pretty much only after waking up, but I have occasionally found them during the day. I originally thought it was bugs, but three exterminators have come up with nothing. And all of my stuff has been washed like crazy. 

At the time of this starting, I had been on Lexapro for like a  month (10mg) and then mid-way through - around the time when the red dots started to become pimples- my dose had gone up (20mg). Now my psych doesn't think it's lexapro, my dermatologist thinks its folliculitis brought on by the drug, and I'm like at a complete loss. I do have very sensitive skin, so it could very be that. I stopped Lexapro last week around Wednesday, so about six days now without it ...and I'm still breaking out. 

How long does it take Lexapro to leave the body if I was only on it from late August to Now (Nov 21)? And does this even sound like Lexapro? Please, I'm going crazy trying to find out what is happening with my body. Thank you.