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Hey guys
I posted this in the anxiety forum sorry for double postin please delete the previous one.
i didn't know there was a section for this problem.

To start off
I think i have had anxiety for like 10 years + untreated........

Maybe because i don't work / go to school
I get income by selling stuff over the internet , and sell hobby stuff i make Ect ect ,
so im suposed to have 0 stress.....

but instead this last year im getting more & more effects of this anxiety

Shortness of breath , heart palpitation , losing control , can't ride a car without me driving it or i want to get out as soon as possible ,

trouble eating new stuff , scared of chocking , scared of getting allergys wich i dont even have supossely !? WTF, I get also compulsive on buying stuff , searching stuff on the internet
im always anticipating stuff , bad or worse , im pessimist aswell....

Im always scared of catching someone's cold , flu , with the swine flu outbreak forget it im freaking paranoied!

most recently
This week to be more precise
this is my main issue now....

I have been put on celexa & for my panic attacks Xanax 20mg ..... i didn't take them yet...

I was used to sleep , at 2am , 3 am ,
my girlfriend comes to sleep every now & then so sometimes i try to sleep earlier....
but this time boy i will remember this one time

I went to bed at 12:00 pm , my eyes didn't close until 3 am + woke up several time
this is where it all began


Since 2 week now
I can't fall aswell on my own .... at ALL
im always hyper even without sleep

i tried the xanax.... worked the first 2 3 shots....

for 2-3 hrs sleep...

then i tried sleep aid pills (benadryl ingredient) worked for 7 hrs sleep...

I tried last night to sleep at 1am when i was drained out after a movie , couldn't sleep , too more xanax
i might have caught 1 or 2 hrs tops (because i dont recall seeing the whole night ....)

I dunno what to do im going paranoid , My head is always running when i go to bed ,

I dunno if all that is normal or it's a serious issue going on

Every night this pass 2 week i try to sleep without the sleep AIDS! but each night i find myself tossing turning anxiety and no sleep without them!

But each time i take them
the day after
im feeling groggy not like i used to when i was sleeping naturally

i got a appointement in 4 days
i dunno how im gonna last this

Am i normal
anyone in my shoes????
should i be dead worry?

thanks for helping....!




Hi sebastien, it's a little hard to answer your question because I'm not quite sure what it is that you're really asking me! Do you want to know if you're going to feel this way forever? Probably not. It sounds to me like you might benefit from mental health counseling. Have you considered that at all?


I understand but now it's has been 1 month

I still can't sleep at night by my own

Xanax help me once every 2 night for 6 hours sleep tops

Tonight i tried without and Im typing this at 5 26 am becuase i didn't get sleep 0 zip None nada!
even with .50 mg of Xanax in body!

I didn't take them as usual i tried to sleep without them

my mind was racing i was pissed off when i saw it wasn't working
I had to pee like 70 times but im fatigued this is the worse part!

normally i wasn't but now i am like crazy i don't want to sleep from 6 to 3 PM it doesn't make sens!

Im really getting desesperate! I ain't thinking straight


Try exercise, magnesium supplements, a good multivitamin and look for possible food allergies. Also avoid caffiene. Acupuncture can help a lot with this as well. It has worked well for similar problems for me. See if there is a community acupuncture clinic near you, as these are more affordable and more than one treatment would likely be necessary...also yoga/breathing exercises can help.....


Hi I know this probably won't help you sleep but you are not alone with this problem. I have been having the same issue for many months and I wonder how I am still alive. The only way I am surviving is taking clonazepam at night then I try and I cannot sleep so I try something else that I have. I have Lyrica and sometimes in combination with clonazepam eventually very late (right now here in Canada it is almost 2:30 and I know I am not ready to sleep yet)but I do fall asleep for about 5-6 hours. I had to get over the guitlt of sleeping in and not being up like everyone else in the morning. I shifted my whole life around. (This sleep disorder controls me) I now work in the evening, visit family on days off and don't do much else. If you ever do find a solution please post. I have gone for counselling at Mental Health for one year. I still do not sleep. I just think more about my past while I am trying to sleep! Good luck to both of us!