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Hi im 25 years old and have a condition which came on around adolence.I have constant red cheeks that cover the whole area of cheeks and have a red nose.this redness started out as light pink and has now become permanent and the color is now dark red.I am very sensitive to hot/cold and my face can burn with me having a malar complexion.I also get red rashes on upper body, arms and around knees.My skin can also become red when exposed to heat and alcohol makes the flushing and redness a lot worse.I also have constant redness in side of eyes and redness can become worse while looking at a screen for too long or rubbing them as sometimes i feel like there is sand in my eyes.My vision has also become blurred.I also suffer from excessive sweating and sweat during light exertion, walking.
I also experience sharp sudden pains in my chest when i breath in deeply and i have to change my body position and take small breathes and they pass.I can also get pains in my lungs and these csan also be sharp too.Occasionaly i get sharp paralazing pains in rectum and these can be quite intense and pass after a few seconds.
My theory is that call these symptoms relate to an auto immune disease.I have been to a endoconologist and he tested me for carcinoid cancer and pheos which are adrealan tumours.He tested my urine with 24hr tests and my thyroids and both came back fine.Last week i also went to get tested for diabietes and the nurse said that the blood tests, test for thyroids and covered everything.
My question is would lupus show up on a standard blood test for diabietes or on a thyroid test or is there any specific test for lupus.Also can anyone help me with my condition and does anyone know if my symptoms are like lupus or an auto immume disease?Any replies would be welcome. I have a shy personality and flush easily and also suffer from anxiety.


Hi John,

I am a 52 year old female, but your symptoms are identical to mine. I have had mild symptoms for at least ten years, but over the last year, they have become much worse. I thought that mine might be related to some old, deflated saline breast implants. I started having problems with swelling of one breast or the other, and had extreme flu-like symptoms that would last about a week each time the swelling occurred. I had the implant removed a month ago, and I have felt much better so far, but time will tell.

Anyway, my main point for writing is to tell you that when I was at the doctor last month (getting cleared for my surgery), my doctor was looking through my chart and said "We need to test you for Lupus because you have a lot of odd symptoms". She was mostly concerned about an attack of abdominal pain that had sent me to the ER a few years earlier. The CAT scan at the ER showed fluid on my lungs that was "consistant with pnemonia", but I did not have any symptoms of a cold. I had also been to the cardiologist twice, and been diagnosed with pluresy (my complaint was chest pain and palpatations). I have had shortness of breath for several years, and wake up in a sweat and unable to catch my breath. These "attacks" come and go.

She did "test" me for Lupus with some kind of blood test, and wants me to followup with a Rumatologist. Please forgive all of my typos, as I don't have time to look up all of these medical terms for correct spelling tonight. I'm not sure what bloodwork she ordered that would show an immune problem, but I think that with Lupus, there is a specific test that would show if your immune system is compromised. If I were you, I would followup with a Rumatologist and see if they can help you. You are much too young to spend your days feeling so badly. I hope and pray that you find an answer soon.



Thanks LynnToo for your post. Funny enough, I was just researching Lupus this morning as I have a lot of strange things going on, but can't get into see my new rheumatologist the end of June, apparently he is worth the wait.