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......together with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and skin allergy as early early signs?
I am 24 yr old, seemingly healthy with no other problem other than skin allergy (Urticaria) since I was a baby before I was diagnosed with Hashi in March, with normal function Thyroid and elevated anti TPO body. The endo I went to did not put me on any medication, and just told me that I should keep track of it now and I will get treated when I become hypothyroid. The endo also dx me with PCOS as the reason of my missing period that caused me to go to him originally. He put me on estrogen therapy. However, like many of you with Hashis out there that probably know already, the endo is very nonchalant about my anti tpo body, and totally disregard my furiosity at the ultimate outcome of having anti tpo body. That lead me to seek help from another immulogist, who I got a blood test from and the ANA came back positve at 1:160 speckled pattern, and everythingelse negative. The dr did not give me any formal dx either as I have no symptoms at all, and just told me to keep track of it and get another blood test in 6 months. I did some research after I got home, and is really confused at the complexity of hormonal disroder and one Autoimmune disorder to another. All of my problems seems to be interrelated in some way (thyroid, hormone, auto antibodies), and I am really scared that it may all just be early symptoms of other Autoimmune disease like Lupus down the road.........I am wondering if there is anybody out there that is in a similar sitaution as me or had a similar situation as me when they first started out? :-(
I have no family history of Lupus or other significant AI that I know of, but my grandmother and one aunt do have Hashis.


Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Graves disease and Systemic lupus erythematosus are different AI diseases with different actions and outcomes. In Hashi and Graves, the AI action is localized at the thyroid, whereas in Lupus, the AI action is systemic. In Hashi, the immune system attacks the thyroid causing death of thyroid tissues and result in hypothyroidism (thyroid deficiency), whereas in Graves, the immune system actually stimulate the thyroid to produce too much thyroid hormone resulting in hyperthyroidism. I don't think the first 2 conditions will eventually develop into lupus. You mentioned that your grandma and one aunt had Hashi. That is more than enough family history for you to be predisposed to it. Since you are relatively healthy right now, there is really not much the doctors can do but to wait untill the more serious symptoms to start to manifest themselves before they can institute treatment.


Hoseclamps, I think you misunderstood my concern. I am not saying the Graves or the Hashi itself will turn into Lupus, I'm saying it could be signs of Lupus occuring on its own later. From my research it seems really common for people to have one AI and develope another one later. I want to know if there are people out there that have the more serious AI right now who started out in the same situation as me.



Interesting question.
I suffered from Grave's Disease and Hashimotos in my early 30's. I underwent Radioactive Iodine Treatment to kill some of my thyroid. Now I have hypothyroid along with hashimotos.

For about the last 10 years (I am now 49) I have aquired severe issues with my muscles, body aches and extreme fatigue even though I take a thyroid supplement and my levels are normal.

I've underwent every test known to doctors. Including more ANA test to see if I had anything else AI going on. The ANA test were negative. Doctors-specialists have diagnosed me with all sorts of things including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, RSD, Vit D diffiency,degenerative disc disease. The list goes on and on. I have been checked for MS with negative results (Thank goodness!).
All of this time in the back of my mind I have to wonder if all of my problems are due or somehow linked to thyroid disease. The doctors say not because all my test are fine.

People may think I'm bonkers for saying this and I do not know if medical science agrees with this but in my opinion and in my research I think once you have one AI you can get another. I don't necessarly think it can be pinpointed to just one though (ie: Lupus, in your case).

My paternal grandmother and two of my paternal aunts suffer(ed) from thyroid disease including myself. One of my aunt's live in constant pain such as I do without any real diagnosis either. I find it strange that my daughter, an only child, suffers from Interstitial Cystitis also a type of AI. IC is where your body attacks the tissue around your bladder-ie: AI disease.

Anyway I'm very interested in learning what people have to say about your question.

It would be great if all people that have thyroid disease or any other type of auto immune disease would respond to your post and let us know if they have developed any other type of AI diseases later in life.

Best of luck in researching your question. I would love to learn the results so please keep posting.


I am pondering the same question about whether having one AI disease leads to another, or increased risk of developing another...

Brief history of me: psoriasis of elbows at 29, my regular period is once every 7-8 wks, idiopathic scleritis 30 yo (ANA inconclusive as greater than negatve and not yet positive), Grave's disease at 32 (1 yr of medication). Relapse of Grave's 36.5yo (which is now). Rash on face of 1 yr. Now my doc tells me I may have Lupus, too.

Both times i crashed with Grave's was 4 months after I stopped the Pill, so of course I think there is a hormone link. I went to see 2 endocrinologists (very matter-of-fact, don't ask me questions, poor bedside manners), my family doctor who says I should be happy with the endocrinologist he referred me to when I asked for another one. Neither of which LISTENED to my concerns. I go to university and medical search engines to look at studies, heck, I even started reading an endocrinology textbook. I also work in the health sector.

I currently see 3 different specialists as the endo. won't answer any of my concerns not directly related to classical Grave's symptoms. I had to go to a Dermatologist to get tests run for hormones and ANA. I hate my endo's., it's like I might as well bang my head against the wall for all the support and compasssion they give. Everything is linked, yet the Endo dismisses it. My repro doctor agrees there's a link, too. Both of them are scratching their heads at how i ended up with 2 endo's who refuse to see the bigger picture. Last month I had asked the Endo if I could still have kids, or should i wait. He replied I can have kids anytime, the drugs are quite safe and he doesn't see a problem. Obviously! As he has blinders on. Uh... Lupus might be a prob.

Does anyone out there have kids after diagnosis of 2 AI's? Pre-cautions? Fertility probs?