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I am 48 years old, and apparently healthy, except I have these small lesions as per the photos:

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It started about 8 years ago with just one lump on the lower right of the affected area, and is slowly spreading. There is no pain, except it can get a bit red and sensitive after sex. Also the skin has always remained in tact - e.g. no fluid has ever been expelled. 

I wash twice daily and have tried the following:- Changing to an emollient soap- Using no soap- Dermovate cream... all to no effect.

A biopsy has been taken and it has be diagnosed as "Localised primary nodular amyloidosis". There do not seem to be any viable treatment options for this, and it is apparently so rare that my doctor thinks I am unique - he is not aware of a single other case.

This makes me think that perhaps there could have been a misdiagnosis or some error.

Could this condition be something else?

Or, where else could I get a second opinion?

Many thanks, Paul


Re: "***this post is edited by moderator *** ***explicit and graphic content*** Please read our Terms of Use"

I can't actually see anything in the terms of use which I violated. I posted a photo containing a very small part of a penis - hardly pornographic.

If someone posts the information that is required to explain a problem and then it gets removed by a moderator, then what is the point of this forum?

Are there alternative forums, where this wont happen?

Thanks, Paul



As others seem to be adding images to their posts, here are the links again:

 ***this post is edited by moderator *** ***explicit and graphic content*** Please read our Terms of Use

- Paul