Researchers have found that babies born with low weight usually have lower quality of life at the age of three or four. They divided children into two groups-those who weighed 1500g or less at birth and those who had normal weights at the time of birth. They assessed their general health, social skills, emotional and cognitive functions at the age three to four.
It was found that children with low weights had more problems with lung function, appetite and motor function and that they were more anxious, less positive and less lively than the children with normal weights.
Children with low weights have also impaired social skills but scored much better if their parents had higher levels of education. Study results also reveal that the mothers of low birth weight babies were much younger and less educated than the mothers of children with normal weights.
Researchers are pointing out the importance of the findings saying that monitoring quality of life in children with low birth weights is needed to identify the risks and intervene early.