Researchers found that breastfeeding may increase risk of developing asthma in babies who were born to mother with respiratory disease. It seems that asthmatic mothers who breastfed their children for at least four months put their children to risk of developing worse lung function compared to also asthmatic mothers but who didn’t breastfed their babies so long.

Research included about 700 children and found that the one born to non asthmatic mothers had improved lung function when they had been breastfed for period longer than 4 months. But, children born to asthmatic mothers who breastfed them longer than 4 months had about 6% reduced certain lung function compared to mothers who breastfed their babies for a shorter period of time.

These results show a pretty significant reduction but it’s too soon to advise asthmatic mothers to limit their breastfeeding. Also, it’s critical to keep asthma under control with some medications while breastfeeding because small amount of the medicine could be transmitted to baby through milk but it doesn’t represent great risk for the baby. Certainly the risk for baby is greater if the mothers didn’t have their asthma under control.