It is day 4 since switching from Cymbalta 60mg to Pristiq 50mg (supposedly these drugs do the same thing in the brain) I feel dizzy, light headed, lethargic, hazy, nauseous, can't think straight, panic attacks, just weird over all!

What a mess. The only reason my Doc changed my script was due to my new insurance saying they wouldn't cover Cymbalta- (after paying for a 90 day supply of pristiq, I now find out my insurance will cover cymbalta)

Cymbalta was working great- didn't have any bad side effects. no panic attacks, no depression. I just put a call in to my Doc to see if he can change me back, I can't handle these side effects- they are debilitating....

Anyone else going through similar? What did you do to help with the dizziness and nausea?