I felt like I had to post a story on this board.I have been reading up on this surgery for months because I knew the time was coming when I would no longer be abe to avoid this surgery> So I started reading all i could from google and got scared to Death.almost canceled my operation! after much back and forth and lots of family support I bit the bullet and had hemorrhid surgery this past tuesday two day's ago. I prepaired myself for horrible pain and pretty much just hell. I stayed in the hospital overninght and to my suprise have been fine everysince.I do take my painpills every four hours weather i need them or not just to stay on top of the pain and i'm doing ice and heating pad and siltz baths. But i have been pretty much pain free besides some burning here and there but thats normally around time to take a pill. Now with this being said I have not had my first BM yet so I know that will bring alot of pain with it but all in all if you need this surgery get it it's not worth living the rest of your life in pain.I'm so glad I went ahead with it and I know there will be pain when I have a bm but I will live with that I will repost wen I go and let you know how it went.