It has been 6 weeks since I had hem surgery. It was 2 external and 2 internal and pretty bad once according to the surgeon.

it was hell first few weeks of course. Thank god to the hot bath! If I write my whole story it would be long. I had this surgery 14 days after I had mybaby. I have never had hard time like this physically and mentally in my whole life!!! Even I have always had some kind of medical problem AT ALL THE TIMES!

Last 2-3 weeks I started having the feeling I want to push all the time! I feel like something in there needs to be out. It gets worse after BM. I went for my 2nd check up with the surgeon a week ago and explained the feeling I have. He checked my bottom and he said that I have a scar tissue. The scar tissue makes that gross feeling! He said he dilated it so scar tissue would broke. He said that he needs to dilate it couple of times. I asked him that if it goes away and he said USUALLY it will go away but it takes time like 3-6 MONTHS. I left his office almost fainting due to of discomfort and the pain. I have to say that I have very HIGH tolerance in pain. After I got home that wanna push feeling got worse and now it has been a week and I can not stand it anymore. I still have soo much pain when I have BM and plus I'm having frequent BMs. Btw, surgeon did not think that frequent BM is related to the surgery. So, I'm seeing my GI on Friday ;(

Anyway, I'm seeing my surgeon on Tuesday and I'm going to ask him if he can remove the scar tissue. I would rather have second surgery than having this awful want to push feeling all the time. I just want to die if I did not have my new born baby. I have been through LOTS OF medical problems and pains and nothing was not like this whole hem surgery complications.


Is there anyone had a scar tissue? Did it go away? did you have want to push feeling? how did you deal with it? did you have second surgery to remove it ? how was it? did it work?


please help me!!!!