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"Wearing" your little one in a baby carrier offers numerous practical and emotional benefits. How can babywearing help you, and which type of carrier should you choose? One mom shares her experiences and tips.

When I was 30 weeks pregnant with my daughter, I finally felt confident that I wouldn't have another miscarriage — and we went shopping. I remember exactly how excited I was to stock up on all that essential (and not so essential) baby gear. We'd be decorating the nursery after receiving all the stuff we ordered. DIY is always cool, but I was most thrilled to be choosing a stroller.

I already knew that I wasn't going to be one of those moms who never got out the house after having a baby, so I needed a stroller of excellent quality; one that could withstand every terrain. We opted to purchase a Ferrari-red travel system that included a stroller with huge, all-terrain wheels, a car seat, and a bassinet that the baby could sleep in at home but that could also click right into the stroller.

We pushed that stroller around the baby supplies shop for a good while before deciding that it was the right one for us. Another great thing about the stroller was that the color we chose was gender neutral, so a next baby would also be able to use it.

I wasn't so excited when I took the baby out in her stroller by myself the first time — I encountered obstacles everywhere. When the lift in our building broke down and I had to carry the baby and her stroller up four floors, I could have cried (and probably did). Narrow aisles in stores were a nightmare too. 

Everyone says you need a stroller, but I found out that they are not always the best option. Sometimes, they aren't an option at all. 

Taking my baby out was very stressful, until my husband asked me why we didn't get “one of them baby carriers”. That was a great idea I hadn't even thought of. He went to Chicco and got me a baby carrier. He changed my life. I never used the stroller again. When we had another baby, I moved babywearing to a whole new level with all sorts of (mostly home-sewn) baby carriers.

I tried everything: wraps, mei tais, podaegis, pouch slings, and the Ergo Baby Carrier. In the next few sections, we'll take a look at the practical and emotional benefits of wearing your baby in a carrier. I'll also briefly go through the different types of baby carriers and how they work, to help you figure out which type of carrier may be best for you.

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