I was on the Ortho-evra patch two months ago, I was having ridiculous side effects and wanted to switch birth control. The doctor told me that I needed to wait a month before I could because I didn't go there until the week after my period ended.

The next month I didn't get my period... I knew this would happen because without birth control I can skip 2-4 months at a time and it's normal for me. (I have been checked for problems and causes, it is just heriditary I guess.)

I started the Nuvaring about a week ago, it was around when I would have gotten my period if I was still on birth contol.

My question is this:
With all that I have said, how can I know when it is safe to have sex without condoms?

I know the generic response would be, "wait a month" but chances are that I am not going to be ovulating for a long time, and I am VERY unhappy with two months without sex. I will not use condoms, they are too much of a distraction for the sex to be pleasurable.

Anyone know?