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I fully believe stress is what was responsible for our infertility.

I fully believe stress is what was responsible for our infertility. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong with us other than my husband's semen sample showed low volume, count and motility. We are young. I m in my late 20s. He s in early 30s. We re classic overachievers which is classic reason for constant stress, and infertility only made us more type A. It was even worse for my husband. He had given up a son for adoption many years ago and had always regretted it. After awhile it seemed like the only reason we were together was to have a baby. We didn t know that stress was probably what was affecting my ovulation cycle and his count the whole time.

Stress, indeed, messes with estrogen and testosterone production. Finally we decided to give it six more months to try to conceive naturally. At the end of it we would try whatever drugs or interventions the doctors wanted to put us on. My resolution was to do everything possible to try to get pregnant.

We started using ovulation kits, I went to massages twice a month. My husband stopped riding bike and we both went on high doses of vitamins. Then at the end of the six months we took a vacation. Three weeks in Spain, nothing but drinking wine and absorbing beauty. Neither of us thought of work the entire time. AND guess what!!! I conceived a baby the day after we returned home. I truly believe that if we did this earlier we could have saved ourselves a lot of time and heartache. The role of stress in infertility is extremely underestimated.

Simona, Seattle, WA USA

My husband and I decided to try and get pregnant. It didn't happen in the very first month after being off of my birth control pills. I was shocked! I found an article on the internet about how, "After taking birth control for many years, you should not consider that you'll get pregnant right away." I laughed out loud, and was relieved because others shared my experiences. I only hope I won't need to wait too long. So when you re trying to conceive you should prepare yourself for emotional rollercoaster in perspective, rather than gather lot of scientific facts.

Dorrie, Chattanooga, TN USA

I have been fortunate enough to have beautiful son. I would like nothing more than to give him a brother or sister to grow up with. Unfortunately, me and my husband are not having any luck trying to conceive for some time. We are entering the world of infertility treatments this month. Our first son was conceived after one try. Dealing with secondary infertility came to us as a huge shock. I was depressed, feeling guilty and experienced every other sad emotion for some time. I hated feeling depressed around my son. I hated feeling sad when I already have one beautiful child.

Everyone keeps telling you "Just relax and you'll get pregnant".

How could I do that when not being able to get pregnant is the source of my stress and anxiety. How can anyone relax under those circumstances? This book helped me cheer up, laugh a little, cry a little, and surprisingly, relax. I m always getting back to this book when I need cheering up. I found the descriptions of recommended tests and procedures helpful, as I have to undergo some of them and like to know what to expect .

I found many things in the book sadly beautiful - how the woman's eyes filled with tears as the moment of her child's possible conception should have been a private moment between her and her husband, not in some doctor's office. For those of you reading this, possibly facing infertility... ...don't let fear of the nature of your child's conception, birth, or joining of your family (if you re adopting) cloud your decision to have a child. There are many roads to parenthood. Every parent has to find his or her own road, to conceive the child, and to raise the child. I know from experience, that whatever it takes to have a child, the results will be more wonderful than you can ever imagine, and well worth it! Good luck to all those trying to conceive!

Emily, Phoenix, AZ

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