I had intercourse with my boyfriend for the first time on November 2nd, and this is the only time there has been genital to genital contact. I am on the pill, take it about the same time each day, and have never missed a dose. We used a condom and put it on him according to the instructions (I was positive I knew how to put them on, but I followed the instructions on the box religiously just to make sure). With these two methods of birth control I thought I had some pretty good protection.

I am in the middle of my week of sugar pills (I start my new pack on Wednesday, and today is Sunday) and my period is not here yet. My period is known to come at any time during my sugar pills, even starting on the last day, however, this is worrying me. I have felt nauseous, tired, and dizzy (due to some medical condition, I am dizzy often though). I am feeling an odd pressure in my abdomen and have to urinate often. I am also moody.

I know a lot of these are PMS symptoms, but I checked up and found that PMS and early pregnancy share quite a few symptoms.

This may seem kind of silly, and it may seem like there is minimal chance of pregnancy, but I need some source to confirm this. It was my first time, and I am 16 and scared. :-(