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im 14 years old and my boyfriend is 18, and we had unprotected sex before the pills were active and he ejaculated in me.

i know i seem young but i really dont want to here your sh*t about how im to young and stupid

and for the record i would never get an abortion or put my baby up for adoption.

but anyways
we had done it during my period because we called his friend and he had told us that your not firtle during your period and there is no way to get pregnant

after that my period immediatly stopped.

also i took 2 pregnancy tests once was posotive and the other negative.

this sunday im saposed to start my period, and if i dont i guess ill just get another test.

your opinions?


First of all I am not here to lecture you or call you stupid. Who am I to judge you? Now, I have been doing research on the internet and studies suggest that you can get pregnant any time during your cycle, even on your period seeing as to how every woman is different. It is way more likely to happen while you are in your fertile days than while on your period. I don't think you are pregnant now, but if your period does not come take a test. I'd give it just a few days after the day your period is supposed to start. You seem to be stressed out and stress can cause a delayed period. It's good to hear that you would not have an abortion or give your child up. If you do get pregnant you will need a lot of help since you are so young. Just make sure if that were to happen you would have support. You could get birth control without parental consent if you are not pregnant and feel you are not ready to be a mom. Take care of yourself ok.


YOU said you are on birth control pills?

They are active after you take them for 7 days, did you take them for at least 7 days before you had seX?