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Is it normal that im having a lighter bright red gooey period than usual today. Usually its more heavier and darker. Plus i seem to be having it monthly now for the third time. Its been three years since my first period. Stress related?

(Extra if possible: unprotected sex a month ago, is it unlikely that im pregnant? Today's second day. Its a lot of bleeding so unlikely to be spotting but again its lighter than most period)

Thankyou so very very much


Its not important to have heavier or hard periods all the time, sometime it is fine to have lighter periods. There is nothing to worried about this until any negative results. The causes for lighter periods than usual involves:

Age: as you are aging and on the stage of menopause, your periods get lighter.

You are pregnant, stress, massive loss or gain in weight, birth control pills, unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, work load, body imbalance, over exercising and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

There are few home remedies to overcome to this: Improve your diet and stay hydrated, fertility cleansers, take fertility massages, use hot pads, drink beet juice, eat papaya, have carrot seeds water, drink more fruit juice, increase food enrich with Omega-3 and fatty acid, avoid caffeine intake. You need to call a doctor if you miss your periods for three consecutive time, feel excess pain but less bleeding.

Good Luck.