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For as long as I’ve had my period (I’m 22 now, so I’m not a newbie,) it has been irregular, ranging anywhere from the ‘normal’ cycle to a few months apart. I visited the gyno later in November, after my most recent period, and she didn’t seem the least bit bothered my irregularity. I tried to get the pill to regulate my cycle, but was denied because of my blood pressure, which I'm on medication for now. My last period came in November (almost 4 months ago), which is the longest break that I can remember. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex about a month ago, which is why I was starting to worry about my period this time. However, on Sunday (three days ago,) I had a few spots of brighter red blood in my discharge on and off. On Monday, I had some darker blood (more like period-style), but it was still a lot of discharge. Yesterday, I had darker, almost brown, thicker blood like I get at the end of my cycles, but nothing significant. And last night and this morning, there was a little more of a flow that was more blood-like and was still somewhat thick and brown, but had more of a red tint. There is still no significant flow like I would normally get with my period, but I have all of the period symptoms: cramps, bloating, tired and thirsty, which is why I’m confused. Like I said, this type of flow usually comes towards the end of my period. I was going to go back to the gyno after I got my period, and was going to get a pregnancy test if I didn’t get it this month. I’m considering this my period because I have blood leaving my body and because I have period symptoms; this is just abnormal for my body and different from the usual period I get. Could my flow be different than usual since it has been a little longer since my last cycle? Is this normal?

*I have been stressing myself over getting my period and because I psych myself out and was freaking out about the thought of being pregnant. I have also been more tense than usual the past month or two. Didn’t know if those were factors or not.


with unprotected sex always a chance of becoming pregnant. also tiredness, cramping and bloating are also early pregnancy symptoms. if your period is irregular then there could be a chance you may be pregnant because that type of bleeding often happens in implantation bleeding. the best thing to do is to take a home pregnancy test. first response early pregnancy tests are quite.accurate. also if your taking blood pressure meds thatay also be offecting your period and stress will also do that as well.