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I usually use the Nuva Ring but I'm at college and I ran out a few months ago.
About 4 weeks ago I had sex with my boyfriend on the 4th day of my period (I bled lightly for one more day afterward) and the condom broke. This was on Dec 18th.
We immediately bought Plan B.
About a week later I seemed to get my period, less than 7 days since the previous one had ended.
It wasn't just spotting, so I didn't suspect implantation bleeding.
I got cramps and bleed normally, although slightly lighter than usual.
This lasted until about December 26th or so.

It's been over 2 weeks since then and I haven't gotten my period again.
I'm still worried I could be pregnant.

Even though I got my period after using Plan B, can I still be pregnant?
Could it just be making my next period late because the last one was so early?
I've also had some acne and bloating, but these symptoms are also indicative of pregnancy. I've had no back pains, breast tenderness or morning sickness though.
I've tried doing fertility testing things in the past and my cervix is currently harder and I have a lot of thick white mucus rather than clear mucus and a soft cervix indicative of ovulation, which is what should normally happen as I get near my period; however, I do not know if this is also a sign of pregnancy.

I have more Nuva Rings now but I don't know when I can start using them again because I'm afraid that I'm pregnant. If I'm not pregnant then I'm still worried about how the hormones from Plan B and the ring will interact with each other. Should I not use my rings if I get my period again?

Please help. I'm very scared right now.
My Pharmacist said Plan B was supposed to have a 90% or higher efficiency rate if used within 24 hours, which is was. Also I was not fertile during the time of intercourse and my boyfriend even thinks he didn't cum, although he says he can't tell. From what I've read, sperm can only survive for up to 10 hours or so in a woman who is not fertile anyway.

As far as I can tell I should have an extremely miniscule chance of getting pregnant. Am I just unlucky or could I still get my period?[/img]


Did you find out if you are pregnant? I'm having the same symptoms except my cervix is low and soft.