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My period is 11 days late.

Last month the condom slipped off when my boyfriend pulled out.
My doctor said my chances were low but I took Plan B anyway.
I'm usually on birth control but my Nuva Rings expired and I had to order new ones because the pharmacy didn't have them in stock. Before I could get the Rings, this happened.
The month before last, I had to take Plan B for the same reason and I got my period on time when I was expecting it.

I bled for about a week and a half a week after I took the Plan B.

I've taken 3 pregnancy tests, one every 2-3 days for the last week and they've all been negative.
I don't have any symptoms but I'm still worried.

What are the chances that all the tests were wrong?
I have an appointment to see my OBGYN next week to get a blood test.

Do you think I am pregnant?


You're not pregnant. The stress is making your period late.


did u end up preg.? did ur period end up comin?