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Hi everyone,

I had op on c4&5 last week and since have been unable to use my left arm... the muscles just don't seem to be working... still able to use fingers on this hand but really worried about long term outlook due to total lack of information from doctors pre and post op.

I've found a wealth of information in these forums but nothing specific to this condition - read a post about neck muscles needing to be stretched during the op which might help explain this.

I'm generally in extreme pain and although sleeping reasonably well on a feather pillow (considering), unable to sit for long periods or walk around due to pressure on my neck.

Any infomation or experiences greatly appreciated,


look up C-5 palsy online and see if this is it..your post gives little to go on...

C-5 palsy will leave you profoundly weak in your deltoid ( muscle on shoulder that raises arm ) and variably in your bicep ( Muscle that flexes elbow)...these etiology of this is hottly debated in spine circles , but is felt due to vascular injury to the nerve usually recovers in 6-12 months...PT is often rec early on to prevent a frozen shoulder while the wait for recovery of nerve

By the way I'm a neurosurgeon