Please advise:
had severe cord compression and fusion of c4-5 c5-6, needed to decompress the cord as well. Prior to surgery had neck pain only - no deficit.
During procedure had iom emg monitoring which said that there was no deficit noted everything went smooth normal.
I woke from surgery with c5 palsy. I have pain in right arm- can use fingers and wrist but wrist strength is down 20%, i have no bicept muscle innervation, no deltoid or trap musc innervation.
I know that I am lucky that I can walk, that I can write the, use the bathroom etc.
But I am 38 and cant shower myself, dress myself, drive myself or my kids, I am a nurse and my job will not be held for what they are estimating my recovery may be if i recover fully at all. They are talking on the positive at 8 months.
I am bedside myself bc when I leave the dr he is so sorry and apologetic saying he doesn't know how this happened since the reading on the monitoring said it was fine- that I am actually patting him on the back saying its ok I will work on it and get better. Im in severe pain and need to know if this has happen to anyone??? could the machine have been faulty? is it possible to get a false normal reading when there is being damage done to the nerve? any info would be appreciated. I am so beside myself. I went in bc of pain- and they found the cord compression was such a danger they had to do it - i had no preparation no options. I am scrambling for answers and I am scared of what lies ahead for me. Please anyone.