Ok . Im a 16 year old girl and had prrotected sex on july 29th(MY PERIOD HAD JUST WENT OFF JULY 28th) but it wasnt really sucessfull Sex because he could stay hard and we really wasnt lubricated good so he never ejaculated we spent most of the time trying to put his penis in me and wen it did go in it didnt go in far and it wuldnt stay in for long it would always pop out . Four days later I found out I had a uti and I Still have it now. Ive also been having pains around my belly button area and lower stomach and sides ive also had constipation , dihearra and a little rumble in my but and uterus and stomach area . The first set of UTI Pills took and finished but it hadnt cleard so I had to get a refill of a diff kind . The 2nd set I took but stoped taking which would probably be the reason why it hasnt cleared and when I tried to start back I kept throwing them up . On these days ive taken a home pregnancy test (august ,16th,,26,th,26th && 27th) and they alk were negative ! Ive also been to the hospital and got some done on these dates(august 14th,17th,21st & 23rd) and they also came out negative . And my period came on 2-3days early and stayed on for 6 days . So Could I Peossible Be Pregnant . Or The Reasons For All The Ache's, Pains , and Rumbles Be from the UTI . Ive had a pap smere done as well as x-rays and blood work (not a blood prego test tho) and everything was good .