id been smoking marijuana for 5 years, however only in the last 1.5 years was i smoking it solidly prob 20grams a weeks, it became a habit, every morning lunch night, before every where i went, work, going out i would have to have it just to keep me calm, without it i felt like absolute c**p and just wanted to go home, it also totally wrecked my socially skills i used ot go out all the time and hadnt gone out for years. ive quit since christmas day now going on a month and feel absolutely brilliant however my main problem is weight gain, i play sport at a high level and lost alot weight while smoking pot, i used to weigh around 82kg however a month ago just before i quit i was 74kg, my eating habits were terrible when i smoked, now that ive quit i eat 2 to 3 times as much as i used to, i am always hungry now however food goes stright through me, and i know weigh just 70kg i am 6ft 5 so this is very skinny, i keep eating every time i do my stomach rumbles like huge rumbles if i put my hand on my stomach sometimes its that big of a rumble it actually tickles my hand, the only thing about the stomach rumbles is that it doesnt hurt not at all, but it feels as if its just killing the food i put in me, i am desperately trying to gain weight, basically im asking if anyone else has experianced these stomach problems and if so did they go away, cos mine seem to get worse, they occur mainly just after i eat. or should i consult a doctor.